Thursday, June 8, 2017

June: My Goal Month

I told myself "I am back" in my last post but it would be one month in a few days and I am still not back, lol.

Sitting to write with a lot on your plate is actually impossible or rather not doable. I have embark on journeys one too many within the past month that I feel like a stranger among my folks these days. I mean the trips and all the learning attached with it had given me new orientation and fresh insight for life, living and my weight loss journey too.

On one of my trips, I caught a glimpse of a way of eating (WOE) called KETOGENIC. I have heard a lot about it since last year but I hated the whole idea of removing a whole food group just for the sake of loosing weight. I want to be healthy at any weight so fad diets don't appeal to me for any reason. Another reason ketogenic was having a bad rap with me was the fact I felt it's too expensive to maintain (I still feel it is). For the time of my life I hate any form of inconvenience, I am not a food addict either but I hate not having a liberty to choose. At a time I even joined a Facebook group where it helped beginners to have a grasp of the diet, I left when members keep behaving like cult members.

Anyways, fast forward to the end of May 2017, I invested in ingredients for a Ketogenic June.

I will share my experience and thoughts for the past one week in the next post.

May 2017

On a lighter note, I want to encourage my readers to travel out of base as often as you can/convenient. You know more, you learn more, you mix with people and share new ideas. It's majorly about sharing with new minds, they don't have to be the best minds, but the change makes the whole difference. You see the world, your world with new eyes and then the need to make plans for the next step, next project etc crops up to you. I love to do more trips before the year ends, I love the feeling. And maybe some fun too, (with Barney and friends, lol). Sorry for the poor picture quality, I was really far from the stage.

Barney, BJ and Baby Bop 

Exercise had taken a back stage for sometimes, just as I said I've been doing so much but like Arnold Schwarzenegger "I will be back".

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Hey friends and awesome readers, I had not been here in two months and it feels like forever right now. I have had a lot going on with me and I had been overwhelmed at some point and ready to give up but there is a desire and a drive from inside that wouldn't just let me.

I am amazing,

I am strong,

I can do anything,

Positivity is a choice and;

I am prepared to succeed.

There had been challenges here and there but I have learn to relax and watch on, some I stress myself over, others I leave to let them be, some I sleep over and others I discard them from inception. Read my post on Stress Management.

Right now I look good health wise because I had been fasting, it was the Lenten 40 days fasting that triggered fasting for weight loss for me and I really think I am enjoying every step in the way. I love the idea that my digestive system is not perpetually overloaded with work, trust me I am seeing changes, even PMS is given way. I know I will be in good health even as my soul prospers.

I am in the middle of some fasting trials and I am looking forward to the numerous benefits that some to those who fast. I love the feeling.

I am still working on my website (what you get when DH is the designer) and I hope to enter fully into writing without a pause. Since I will be giving the blog a greater attention, you will be seeing more of me and this journey towards my healthy goals.

I have a desire for June 2017 and one of it is to be under 160s, I mean that would be the first time in 15 years. This desire is strong within me and it is my present push. I am giving it all I've got and I know my body will not let me down.

I intend to:

  1. Do intermittent fasting continuously;
  2. Eat healthy - nutrition dense meals (do some Ketogenic compliance)
  3. Exercise consistently
  4. Believe in myself

I must keep doing the above (someone said, it's not good to speak too soon as you might lose the motivation) till I get it right and right well.

My weigh in last week Friday was 74.8 (my scale is less than 0.2) and I am building on that before I weigh myself officially again this Friday (I weigh based on my intuition during the week).

See more of you soon and keep on 'keepin on...

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Week 52 Weigh in

Today, I want to let you into one of my favorite recipes, so simple yet so exciting to the taste buds. My sister called it "yam pepper soup" to me it's my go to meal to heal and to celebrate.

- 3 habanero or scotch bonnet pepper

- Spices of choice at least 4 to your taste (I love my soup chilli and spicy)

- Protein 2 cups or as desired  (in small pieces includes and not limited to beef, chicken, oxtail - ponmon, tofu, fish - dried, iced or fresh. I have never used any plant protein except tofu)

- 1 cup diced yams

- 1 medium ball of onion 

- Scent leaves, 4 tbs shredded 

- Seasonings and salt to taste 

- 3 cups water

You could alter the measurements to suit your taste.