Saturday, November 22, 2014


1) Who is your favorite superhero/villain?
2) What was your favorite vacation spot?
3) Who is your favorite cartoon character?
4) If you could dye your hair any color, what color would it be?
5) What was the funniest joke you ever heard?
6) How long have you known your best friend?
7) Jumpsuits/Rompers or Harem Pants?
8) What is your favorite accessory?
9) Who is your fashion role model?
10) What color is your closet full of?
11) How many pairs of shoes do you own?

The above questions are to be answered by ME. A task given by someone who nominated me for an award. Thank you so much for showing mercy to someone with less than 200 followers, duh. I will post the answers tomorrow. I need to hit the sheets now, there is church tomorrow.

Day 69 Update:

Hey Friends,

Today should be great save the pains I had. The pains were not too bad but it kept me irritable and inactive. It was a church member's wedding and I could do nothing beyond the ordinary to help in service and arrangements.

In the midst of this I had a walk, like a 15 minutes walk. (That counts as my workout for the day and I tag it ACTIVE REST)

I did not do any deliberate workout today because there was just too much to do within a little time. So after this post, I will be going to have my daily 5 mins jump rope interval dose, (I loved the streak). I have been doing it and I have been enjoying it and who knows 5 minutes becomes 10 mins and on and on.

Good news
I have a new crush on and trust me I am loving every bit of it. Unlike fitness blender who normally have it slow but intense, beachbody has it fast, furious and insanely intense. Unfortunately, getting to download on YouTube is almost impossible because their videos are not even there, my bad.
I will look for some other alternatives to download and if I cannot then I will like a dear friend on Sparkpeople start ordering a collection of fitness videos. Some day I will grow up to be like her (I love you ANGEL_AMBER)

In my commitment to, I had some wonderful time with this man last night, and by the time he finished with me in 34 minutes, I glowed in my own sweat.

Below are the other challenges in beachbody, I will try to get most if not all of this as the days goes by. Meanwhile, I am still committed to the other sites like gymra, fitnessblender, befit etc, they all have their place in my heart including my jump rope. Lemme do this before I change my mind.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day 67 Update: Jump Ropes

This is where I am now;

I wish to move here soon;

Culled from Sparkpeople

Monday, October 13, 2014

This blog is from Debra of Sparkpeople. Her blog was featured today and I loved it.
In my weight loss journey, there are lots of places my head can be. It might be buried in the sand because I don’t want to know what I know. It might be up some other part of my anatomy because I want to do self destructive things to soothe myself or to lose weight. But the most dangerous place my head can be is buried is in the past thinking about the things I should have eaten, not eaten, done, not done, the missed opportunities, the wasted effort, the lost years, etc. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. 

In accounting, when there are no other entries that will be made to an amount, a double line is drawn to show that the tally is final. The past is like that. No amount of anguish, hand-wringing, fat-shaming screeds or other maneuvers can change what happened then. No anger, resentment or instant replaying can change it. No obsession about it, devotion to it or anxious preservation of it can change it. It’s done.

Not that the past is no good. To the contrary, it can be a goldmine of information, just like that final journal entry. You can’t add to it, subtract from it or change it, but you can profit from understanding what the number means. The past is like that: you can learn from it even though you can’t change it. That’s why the 12-Step groups quote Benjamin Dover:

A necessary element of the weight loss journey for me is to fully realize the past and let it be. I don’t have to let it go, I just have to let it be what it was. The capacity to “let be” is an important part of my weight loss plan. Without it, I am chained in a way that prevents me from moving forward. I’m drawing the double line.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 59 Update: I need help!

Life simply gets in the way and I feel so stressed and discouraged. One minute I make up my mind to lose weight and in the next minute I am going weeks in a terrible rut, both exercise and food. What do I do? I wish I will have a more strong will and resolute to do this. I need to lose weight and I have seen myself lose weight before why can't I do this again. If I want to analyze this year 2014, I had come as low as 76kg this year. What was I doing right then? What am I doing wrong now at 81kg? Is it possible to lose 20kg and keep my weight between 60 and 65kg?

I don't want to be pushed to do this, I mean I don't want anything negative to push me to lose weight now that I am doing it for me.

I remember a song that says "you can get it if you really want, but you must try and try".

Do I really want to lose weight? Am I desperate about it?

What do I do now???
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