Saturday, November 10, 2018

10k Race

Good day friends and it's really funny to say it's a long time. 

Well, today is a landmark for me and I know it will keep going. I ran a 10k race today and I am so proud to tell it to the world. It was not really about the timing and position but more of the fact that I started the race and finished in good form. 

Back to when I first joined sparkpeople, when I had friends who were really close even when we were continents apart. 

I joined challenges that really challenged me. 

I had spark buddies who motivated me to be fit. 

I met people that I really bonded with. 

I was healthy and I felt it too. 

I was passionate about living healthy and staying fit. 

Lastly, when I saw pictures of races, I dreamed of me also doing a public race someday (I had done a few virtual) 

But 8 years along, life had happened and trust me it had not been easy only worth it. 

Right now I wish to be back. Back to my consistent blogs, exercise, challenges and the passion to be healthy now that I am above 40. (Not the same body any longer). I hope someone out there will be that old friend that sparked me and kept sparking me. 

Anyways the race was fun and it reminded me of sparkpeople as I was making my way through the routes this morning. Sparkpeople had helped me in a lot of ways and I dedicate this race to them. I wouldn't have gotten it better elsewhere. 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Good News!!!

Hello Readers,

I know that you have missed me because I missed you too.

I am here and still in the game of losing weight the healthy way, but I missed sharing my journey on this blog. I have had to deal with a lot of things over the past few months, ("things" I may not be sharing today and some I will) that has either dampened my moral to post or made it even completely impossible to write. Anyways I am here and to share some good news with you today.

In 2014 May, I  came to a place where some desires of mine will be manifested and that desire is a BLOG. Someday in the past I was having a discussion with DH and he accused majority of the internet users as just "consumers", I asked what that means, he defined it as everyone of us who just read, download, research etc from the internet without putting up anything from us to the world (the needy like us too). This is got me thinking and because I love to write, I know I can do it and will do it. I have written blog on Sparkpeople that had been featured, I had written for people's blogs, written for magazines and I asked why I won't put all these write ups somewhere others can read also and gain.

And in 2014 May, was born (I cherished those moments). As  I was looking to the days passed, I started thinking of improving my blog and I read an astute blogger say, "if you are serious about blogging then you start paying for it", meaning enough of the free stuff, don't get me wrong I am eternally grateful for making free for starters all over the world but I desired a site that belongs and sustained by me.

I have had some splendid moments in this site where I had to put a post up for a fashion outfit and there was a traffic surge that made me, wow!!!

The journey to owning a blog that belongs to me started and trust me I had really struggled about this, too long for comfort, partially on the part of my web designer and my part because I thought everything must be set and in place before I move. Some of the things I keep eyeing is a camera (I still need one in case you are sent to give me one, lol).

Somehow in the last two months, my web designer became more passionate about the blog and he started working on it and we came up with something that I need for now. It may not be that sparkling, traffic-ridden site but the fact I now have something that belongs to me and I can do as I wish makes me happy a lot.

Change is good but it can be hard sometimes. I mean some of you are so used to this and feel we should just stay here, I hope you still remember that the only constant thing in life is change.

So the good news is that we moved, vooom to

I have wonderful posts already waiting for you there, more pages and of course clearer pictures.

We are into this healthy lifestyle together and we are not stopping till we win. The moral of my long story is this, you don't need to wait till your environment is ready, you only need to be ready and you will not fly, you will soar. What ideas do you have now,  business, ministry etc, the time you start is the only PERFECT TIME and that time is NOW. It may not be big and it doesn't have to, just start and see if you will move or not. The first post I wrote was so shallow, I was almost telling myself I don't have anything to share, but one step, one day, one line and I have written 252 posts (I read some of them and I can't believe it was me). You can too, if you really want to.

I love that this blog brings me some money but it is presently about a passion, a fulfillment, and that has been the push for the past 3 years. Do something you love and it will make ways for you soon.

I am leaving this site up for the next one month and you will be redirected to the new site permanently.

Go there now,  it is our new place and watch out for our Facebook Page soon.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

June: My Goal Month

I told myself "I am back" in my last post but it would be one month in a few days and I am still not back, lol.

Sitting to write with a lot on your plate is actually impossible or rather not doable. I have embark on journeys one too many within the past month that I feel like a stranger among my folks these days. I mean the trips and all the learning attached with it had given me new orientation and fresh insight for life, living and my weight loss journey too.

On one of my trips, I caught a glimpse of a way of eating (WOE) called KETOGENIC. I have heard a lot about it since last year but I hated the whole idea of removing a whole food group just for the sake of loosing weight. I want to be healthy at any weight so fad diets don't appeal to me for any reason. Another reason ketogenic was having a bad rap with me was the fact I felt it's too expensive to maintain (I still feel it is). For the time of my life I hate any form of inconvenience, I am not a food addict either but I hate not having a liberty to choose. At a time I even joined a Facebook group where it helped beginners to have a grasp of the diet, I left when members keep behaving like cult members.

Anyways, fast forward to the end of May 2017, I invested in ingredients for a Ketogenic June.

I will share my experience and thoughts for the past one week in the next post.

May 2017

On a lighter note, I want to encourage my readers to travel out of base as often as you can/convenient. You know more, you learn more, you mix with people and share new ideas. It's majorly about sharing with new minds, they don't have to be the best minds, but the change makes the whole difference. You see the world, your world with new eyes and then the need to make plans for the next step, next project etc crops up to you. I love to do more trips before the year ends, I love the feeling. And maybe some fun too, (with Barney and friends, lol). Sorry for the poor picture quality, I was really far from the stage.

Barney, BJ and Baby Bop 

Exercise had taken a back stage for sometimes, just as I said I've been doing so much but like Arnold Schwarzenegger "I will be back".