Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weight Loss

I am truly looking to the stop to this ups and downs and getting under 160lbs before the end of August. My goal for August ending is 155.7lbs, I know I can do it.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Harvest time

We just concluded a program in church and it centred on harvest. As we enter into the half of the year, we prayed into a time of great harvest in every area of life. Seed time done in obedience will surely bring great harvest. I already started seeing great results coming my way and I know a more permanent harvest is coming my way soon.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Just Do It

That has been my watch word for the past weeks and I had been reaping the dividends of this. I just workout without thinking and all I look forward to is getting to the middle of the video, because immediately I get to the middle of it, I know it will soon end and I keep giving it my best.

Unfortunately this works best for my workout but not for my diet yet. Still my diet is jeopardizing my efforts, not my faults I think some hormones are just wacky and I possibly do not have anything to calm them down right now. I can only work around them and wait.

In view of this I wish to start some multivitamins so that my body is in control of a few things. Not sure if age is catching up lol.

I will keep up with the mantra and it can only get better.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rules of Rebellion

1. We don't care where you came from, only where you are going;
2. When you join, you are in for life;
3. We train as naturally as possible;
4. We understand that you can't outrun your fork;
5. We understand that fat is not the enemy;
6. We train with conviction and intelligence
7. We exercise because it's fun
8. We never leave our wing men;
9. We question everything
10. We take care of business
11. We take pride in ourselves

11 Pillars Nerd Fitness Rebellion

One of my best inspirational fitness blogs is Nerd Fitness

While reading and searching today, I saw something that I proved this past week, that

You can NEVER outdo a bad diet.

This statement was tested and proved over the past weekend when I decided to do a last workout of jump rope for 10 minutes (interval training). At the end of it my heart was thumping so hard in my chest but this is all I got on my HRM (data below)

Just 91 calories!!! was all I had to show for it (1 hardboiled egg or a slice of white bread). So you see that just as this article emphasize, it is not first of all exercising habits but food habits that changes and the desired weight loss goals will be attained.

Then the 80/20 rule comes in now.

I personally know this fact but I love to exercise because it is more fun for me. I keep working on my diet and I know it can only become easier.

The hardest part is what really works. [Irony]

Food is what we are used to and making changes to them is quite difficult.

Nerd Fitness is a blog by STEVE KAMB

What changes are you making to your diet?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Friday, May 8, 2015

Week One

Hey Friends,

I decided to stop the former streak at Day 142 and I am starting a new one, in this month of May. I started with so much energy till TOM stopped me in my tracks but I am most grateful that it was not a really painful experience.

Week 1: May 1 - May 7, 2015

Weigh In Wednesday: 165lbs = 74.8kg

Nutrition: Food was not in range most part of the week because of TOM and there was a terrible craving for carbs. I ate bread twice within the week (I take bread only on weekends), but I still tried to put myself in check at every point of eating.

Friday - 15 minutes
Saturday - 74 minutes
Monday - 40 minutes
Tuesday - 30 minutes = 159 Fitness Minutes

NSV: No clothe is snugly on my body this week. I could also kneel down for 30 minutes praying.

Above is the guide for my weekly streak. Workout 5-6 days of the week with a minimum of 250 minutes each week.

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