Monday, September 29, 2014

Some Ladies I love

It's a confession but I tend to like these women, mark my words LIKE. I don't know them beyond the TV, am not sure they have too great lives other than the fact that they are famous actresses. Maybe someday I will know why I like them, that is a story for another day.

Jessica Alba 

Emma Stone

Day 15 Update: Billy Blanks Bootcamp

This man kicked my butts in the bootcamp training this morning, more that 50 minutes on my toes. I have decided to pardon him because he looks like my dad (deceased)

I know soreness is inevitable tomorrow, all things being equal. I was all sweaty but I felt my heart rate was not as much as I desired anyways. I think I need some HIIT before the week runs out.

A healthy hair on my head right now. My hairline looks more healthy but not as healthy as I desired so, relaxing may still wait. If I get a new wig this week, then I have a few months to still stretch my relaxed hair.

My mood was nearly destroyed this morning but I felt ok later with a little patience. Woohoo

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day 14 Update: Jessica Smith
I did some cardio today and running outside wouldn't have given me this much satisfaction.

The 40 minutes jog/walk was with Jessica Smith. It was sweaty and fun.

What do I love about this woman? SPACE

Yes, the fact that she does her workout on such little space like I have in my home makes me tick. I love her way of manipulating that little space to make a whole of calorie-burning-moves. I decided to download more of her workouts in her YouTube channel. I have subscribed and if anything new comes up today I will be among the first to know.
The 40 minutes cardio was not too tiresome, neither was it simple. She created so many alternatives either you want it high or low impact. The fact is that which ever one you decide to go for, you will burning calories.


After this post I will be out get some cornrows done on my head by a hair stylist. I hope this one is not as insane as the rest of of them. I just want it simple, what part of S-I-M-P-L-E don't they just understand. I am determined to take charge of my hair and how I look and no one has the right to talk me outta it or want to do otherwise with it. It's my hair, it's mine not yours, not theirs. If GO does not care about it, I don't think any other person has the right to neither does their ideas count.


*I am back from the stylist and I think she's just a little different though and I have not made up my mind if I would go back to her. I think she's just another stylist who have reservations about the natural curly hair. Why is it a crime to be natural anyways?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day 13 Update: Rest Day

I have decided to rest today although I did 15 reps of back extension. I will try to also walk in place right now just to have my 10 mins in. [It is a must to do it]

I have been having allergies for sometimes now and a drug was prescribed to me that seems to work for it although there is always a relapse. This is not the bone of contention but the adverse effects of the drugs on me are totally against my weight loss goals..

1. Eating without gauge

2. No toileting for 2 days

3. Sleeping without caution

I have decided to stop this drugs till I can get to the root of the cause of my allergy. I will however get a cream that should work when the scratching starts. I will surely survive it.

Today is wash day and I also decided to do without the mayonnaise [it had made the hair brittle and soft to the level of excess breakage in the other washings] I also did not deep condition today.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 12 Update: GO's Birthday

This sponge cake and a bottle of wine for GO's birthday. 

It is also a day of abstinence for me too and I am happy for the strength to carry through today. Thank you Jesus for strength.

I worked this morning, working on my legs, hips, and butts. It was awesome and nice to work those muscle groups. [...]

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day 11 Update: Full Tommy

Whatever happened today [how healthy that is I do not know] I cannot explain but...

Maybe it's the core workout I had in the morning, it is almost 1pm right now and all I have had today is 1 glass of water and 1 orange. I packed my lunch but I am not able to eat it even till now. Whatever happens is a good sign. I actually overate last night too, I took out local garri with lots of vegetables.

This morning 10 minutes ended with 37 mins (a constant 37 minutes in a row for sometimes now, why the coincidence). What must be done must be done.

We shall be going home early today and I wish to quickly get into washing my hair and getting ready for tomorrow.

It's GO's birthday tomorrow. I do not even have enough on me to get a gift but I will most definitely take him out tomorrow, all things being equal.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 10 Update: Stretching

After reading a draft of the 10+ minutes streak written by Chris Downie (He warned against sharing the link, I would have posted it here) I decided to change the title of my streak, doing it exactly like his way. I am doing it his way so that I can achieve the recommended results.

I have thought deeply on what to use in rewarding myself for keeping to this 10th Day of the Streak and I decided to do some stretching, just to relax and meditate.


I also took a walk to the stores today and got some lip balm and a new type of tooth paste. I hope I will enjoy it better.

I want to stop using the processed shea butter for my hair, the smell is not something I appreciate on my hair. There is always a way out though.

There is someone that makes inconvenient jokes with me in the office, IT MUST STOP.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day 9: 10 Minutes Streak

It's 9 days of active minutes today. I think the mindset of "just the next ten minutes and you are done" had really kept me going and tomorrow I will need to reward myself with something, to celebrate my 10th day of streaking. 10 of such will surely give me 100 days of streaking, I cannot seem to wait for that day [it's gonna be some wonderful time for me]

Well, today it's 37 minutes working to some weights with and what can I say, yours truly it was awesome. I did some warm up for 5 minutes using the Falcons' GOYB [Get Off Your Butt] and I did 3 sets of 15 reps of most of the exercises, now my triceps are not only sore but shaky, I will need to do some cardio tomorrow, just cardio. I cannot afford to work any muscle group right now, they are all sore except maybe my abs [it's the only place there is no soreness right now.

I will use this time to really thank God for all things. I see Him working things out for me in all areas, even in this workout regimen, I cannot but just be thankful to Him.
I believing succeeding with God is the Grace and Determination [to just do it]. Jesus Christ never fails.[...]

Nigerian National Symbols

Dedicated to Kelly.

The Coat of Arms of Nigeria has a black shield with two white lines that form in a "Y" shape. The black shield represents Nigeria's fertile soil, while the two horses or chargers on each side represent dignity. The eagle represents strength, while the green and white bands on the top of the shield represent the rich soil.[1]
The red flowers at the base are Costus spectabilis, Nigeria's national flower. This flower was chosen for inclusion in the coat of arms as it is found all over Nigeria and also stand for the beauty of the nation,The White Latter Y represent River niger And River Benue On the band around the base is Nigeria's national motto since 1978, "Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress", formerly "Peace, Unity, Freedom".[1]

Monday, September 22, 2014

Day 8: 10 Minutes streak

Feeling so ZZzzzzzzzz right now, but I need to give this report.

Exercise was Pilates today (never done it before), I did not really enjoy it because I was sore from yesterday's workout. I think I will resume my 10 minutes stuff so I will not be overworking the body.

We are done with the first week of the challenge and I think it is a walk over. Getting ready for the battle to come though.

What do you do when people say evil about you behind your back?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day 7: 10 Minutes Streak

Today is rest day for me and I am sure not to do anything again tonight. I could not fulfil that promise last night, I exercised for more than 30 minutes yesterday.

Today I had to de-clutter the house, arranging clothes and just throwing out old clothes. I need to prepare for the working week now.

I love the texture of my hair after the wash of yesterday. I think I will relax a little with texlaxing this week. All I am trying to work on is my hairline and it looks as if it is responding slowly.

I feel quite sleepy right now.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Day 6: 10 Minutes Streak

Hi friends

I would have love to have my rest day today and get some yoga in tomorrow as an "active rest", but I just remembered my squats challenge is there to be done. If I can get some lovely pictures too I will try to get some strength trainings in tonight (it's what I am feeling like anyways).

So much desire to cut my hair off totally. What do I do now? So confused. I loved the feeling of the way I grew the hair a few years back. Should I do it again? Can I do it again? I really need answers before the coming week runs out.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Day 5: 10 Minute Streak

Exercise this morning was walking workout (used Leslie Sansone's DVD) and I invariably used it to do my BLC fitness test. I have done this test over and over and I can specifically say what I am capable of doing now. The plank test I had also done severally and I know I can maintain good form for only 45 secs.
I am ready to face the 30 day challenge to be better with these four tests.

I am still a little confused on what to do to my hair but trust me I need to change the look of this wig (I get bored easily). I could not have a wash day yesterday but I will surely do today, God's willing.

I am getting some new shoes, and blouses. I really think they are on the high side though. The feel a little costly but they are all good stuff.

A meeting continues today, I am so not feeling it today.

I need to hit the market today for groceries to make and prepare for the coming week. It is well

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Day 4: 10 Minutes Streak

Good day friends

Exercise today was almost not happening but it eventually came through.
12 minutes in circuit training (cardio)
Back workout circuit (10 minutes)
I already logged my squat challenge but I am yet to do it. I intend spreading it into my day. Today it is going to be 60 squats i.e. 2 sets of 6 reps of the 5 exercises.

I could not wash my hair yesterday as promised and I am feeling so much itch right now. Today because there is no church activity, I am going home straight and there is enough time for me to wash my hair.

My day today is based on the word of God that says "make every effort to be at peace with all men and holiness without which no man shall see God".

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day 3: 10 Minutes Streak

Good Morning Friends

I did a wonderful dance this morning with Shaun T. It was a great cardio for me with lots of sweat and feel-good spirit after.
I always feel so proud of myself after a good workout.
I also completed my second day in the squats challenge. I did 50 squats in all

Woohoo!!! BLC 26 starts today and my weigh in is at 176.6lbs. I don't feel happy when I keep moving forward and backward this way, but I hope things will take a new shape in this round. I love to be in good shape.

My hair had been receiving lesser attention but today is going to be wash day and I will co-wash tonight

I had to interfere in an issue I had dreaded for so long now. I am really depending on the holy spirit to help me resolve this because the people involved are of very strong character and attitude. I don't want it to escalate beyond the way it is now, and I know God will help me through.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day 2: 10 Minutes

Today was awesome.

It was 30 minutes with Dennis, walking workout and sweaty workout too.

When I had not worked out in weeks, I realized I had been clumsy, grumpy, anxious and every other negative emotions that can be thought of. But now that I have been working out (just day 2 into my regimen), I feel more confident, energized, contented, optimistic and realistic too.

I love what I do! [...]

Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 1: 10 minutes daily

Hey fitness,

Today I did 10 minutes in the morning and it got my heart rate up. I think I am totally out of shape and those easy moves were so impossible for me.

I have started and I hope to keep at it with a greater focus. This week will be a little busy because of the BLC that is starting. I love working out.

Today 15/09/2014
Core and Shoulders
I did the workout in ten minutes with a little modification and rests in between. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Some Frustrations

I am not doing well today at all. My hair is really frustrating me and I think it is because I am giving it too much attention, too much fuss for nothing. I have been a little obsessive about my hair of late and now I am hating the whole idea and wherever that started from.

Within 3 days, I have spend unnecessary monies and I feel a little bitter about it. I can see some lovely improvement in my baby hairs and hairline but notwithstanding, that should not start controlling my life and become so unreasonable.

I am continuing with my wig regimen.

The only concern I have now is that exercise starts tomorrow and that means more sweat. I promise to always find a way around it though.

My rantings for the day.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

BLC 26

A lot has been happening and one of it is that BLC round 26 is here for good. I have joined the team and I hope to put in the best to achieve the best.

Lately, I have been a little clumsy with almost everything. I seem to just be surviving everything right now. I promise to be fine anyways.

My hair had been a mess since yesterday, I think I am doing too much at the time. I will have to slow down a bit though.

Over the next couple of weeks, I hope to meet new friends in my team and I hope we can help ourselves achieve our goals.

I will try to also be consistent with this blog too with at least a weekly highlight.