Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Au Naturale

Next month (April), it will be exactly one year since I did a relaxer touch to my hair. Right now, I can prove:

- the half inch hair growth per month,
- the black hair grows,
- the black hair responds to treatment
- the thickness and volume of the black hair is simply incomparable


- I could not grow my edges as I desired [so scanty and damaged] - that was the reason I was transitioning in the first place.
- I realized the best way to repair my edges is to simply leave and reduce manipulations to the barest minimum.
- I have a 4c type hair that cannot be left or combed without a protective style.
- *Transitioning had been so difficult and time consuming for me*
- The gray hairs [hereditary] seemed to be multiplying by the hour, I know it had always been there but always less emphasized when it is relaxed.
- I think black hair is costlier to maintain in its natural state. Yes it is, especially when it is not covered the most part of the day.

* The time consuming part is what constitute the major challenge that is making me reconsider my decision now*.

I am really thinking of starting to texlax my hair to sustain the volume and thickness.

If you had tread this path before? How did you handle it?

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