Saturday, January 16, 2016

Creative Intentions 2016 (2)

Here are mine for 2016

- Wake up by 5a.m. daily for devotion and then exercise.

- Workout for at least 10 minutes every morning

- Workout for at least 10 intentional fitness minutes throughout January.(I did not meet this goal, I had flu and was down for 3 days)

- Eat healthy (more whole grains, limit processed foods, drink more water)

- Build a saving culture (20% of my monthly earnings)

- Reward myself whenever I meet a fitness goal (An activity tracker on 1/28/2016)

- Exercise at least 6x a week

- Intermittent Fasting on two days of the week (Wednesday & Friday), Leangains 2 days a week (Tuesday & Thursday)


I will be adding more as the days goes by and of course auditing myself monthly.

Today is day 15 of my fitness streak and I have exercised for every single day in January so far, I have also lost 2.6lbs. 

January 4 - 172.2lbs
January 11 - 171.6lbs (I unofficially weigh in today at 169.6lbs i.e. a 2.6lbs loss)

Other Goals with Dates added:
5,000 steps per day, 6x a week - 2/4/2016

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Stand Up and Sweat

One of my little secrets is that I hate going down when exercising, I mean any type of exercise that will make me either be on my back, bend my knees so much, sit down etc. If you ask me I dislike exercises such as lunges, squats, lying bench press etc.

Find below some wonderful workouts you can do while standing and still break a sweat.


Upper Body:


I love Shaun T so much when it comes to working out without getting down. I can fully recommend this video (Hip Hops Abs) for a crunchless exercise.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Creative Intentions in 2016

I saw this header somewhere and I felt it is a better word than New Year's Resolutions.

Resolutions look so outdated and sounds more like a failed plan even before it began. When I was much younger, I had always heard adults make resolutions that I see them break at the slightest chance. They could work but it looks like many forget about it and that is why it never worked for many. Maybe we can help ourselves out on ways to have better intentions or decisions and keep at it till we achieve them.

Mindfulness  Mind Over Matter: This is the key to achieving goals at any time, it is a strong and conscious desire to be on top of the situations at every check. You can get it if you want it so badly. Losing weight or quitting an unhealthy diet for example, nothing should occur in error.
There is a dire need to be fully conscious of your environment at all times to really achieve your goals. You can make some decisions that could help in putting these goals right before your eyes at every turn. For example look for an accountability buddy who will constantly remind you of your daily workout or to count calories. I made up my mind NEVER again to use my hard earned cash to buy soda, this is so as to reduce my daily consumption of soda and when it's gift, I will drink just a cup, little by little I lost the taste of Coke and I became free, I cannot remember the last time I took that now.

Outsourcing: A friend in need is a friend indeed. You can make your goals public. Let friends, loved ones and colleagues into your new life. They could actually become annoying reminders when you derail but the job is done! They could turn themselves into a police but they are there still! You don't need to be angry just be courteous and get back on track.

Write it: A blunt pen is better than a sharp memory. Writing goals down either public or private is good, one it helps you go back to it when you need to audit yourself. Two, you are actually recommitting yourself to a goal that is written, you become responsible for every decision that is being made afterwards. Write it out in your personal journal or make it public by posting a blog, you can also stick it on your wardrobe doors or anywhere you will see it often. Sticky notes are good (I have them on the desktop of my laptop), except you are bothered about greater things will you look at such and ignore them.

Plan B: If Plan A doesn't work, remember that there are 25 more alphabets. Towards the end of a year, have multiple plans in place so that when time and chance happen to one, you can easily slide into another. Make sure to have a backup plan at all times, never ever let yourself be stranded. When you cannot do 30 minutes because of time and pressure, then do just 10 minutes or even just 5 minutes. Split your 30 minutes throughout the day, do something fun that will take your mind away from all seriousness.

Forgive Yourself: There is no error in falling, not standing back up is unforgivable. Did you slip? That binge? The exercise rut? Life got in the way? You should talk yourself out of it instantly, you are stronger than the obstacle. If you cannot jump over it, walk through and if you can't then walk around it but just keep moving forward.

Reward: The gifts of a man makes a way for him. Reward yourself when you do it right, give yourself gifts not as an obligation but as a treat (do not use food because you are not a dog). Get yourself something useful to achieve the rest of your goals as the year runs by. A new wrist watch to work on time management, a fitness tracker to check your daily progress, a blender to make healthier smoothies, a deep freezer to keep more batch meals, a new dress or shirt to celebrate your new weight and inches lost, there are a thousand ideas out there. Get something that will not only encourage you but will be a reference point in the future. I cannot afford a Fitbit but I ordered a cheaper fitness tracker to reward the effort into losing a few pounds last year.

Optimism: You are your own motivator. Give yourself some pep talk, be positive about your goals. Did you just decided to quit smoking, don't think about being depressed if you quit, think of how healthy you will become and how you will be there for your loved ones much longer. Are you intending to be nicer in 2016, don't worry about snubs, concentrate your thoughts and efforts on those that will appreciate you better.

Whatever your good and creative intentions are in 2016, I BELIEVE IN YOU. I know YOU CAN DO it and you WILL DO it.

I will post a blog of my creative intentions in 2016 and maybe what my bucket lists are soon after.

Happy Reading

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting (called IF) is a pattern of eating where you time your eating. There is a deep study by various people on this (Read on here...) and I have tried some of these including:-

16:8 Fasting

You fast for 16 hours and limit your eating within an eight hour window. I was doing this day in day out early 2015. My breakfast was coming in by 3pm every day and I lost weight and my blood work became almost perfect. I think I got discouraged along the line when some "concerned folks" started complaining that I am doing "too much". I regret ever listening to them now, not sure they were God sent.

24 hours Fasting.

This is when you don't consume any calorie for 24 hours straight, I normally fast breakfast to breakfast i.e. 7am today till 7am tomorrow. I did this as a "collabo" (together) with the 16:8 and I think this was what made my weight loss so drastic and noticeable. I did this early last year and I had a surprise with my blood work and health by June, what more do I ask for?

6pm Fast. This pattern is the type I am used to i.e. stop eating by 9pm and not eat anything including water till 6pm the next day (21 hours), I mostly do this for spiritual essences.

5:2 Diet Fast. This is when you do two 24 hours fasting within the week, you will pick any 2 days of choice and for me I decided on Mondays and Fridays. I wanted to work according to the letter but alas yesterday was actually a disaster, lol.
According to 5:2 diet fast, you eat a maximum calories - 500 for women and 600 for men - which is supposed to be a quarter of your TDEE within the 24 hours of fasting. So whatever you eat should be calculated and be sure not to go beyond 5/600 calories.

My Day 1 Fast according to 5:2 Diet Fast
I started the day as Mosley recommended 7am with a breakfast (2 boiled eggs), that is a 156 calories remaining 344 for the day. By noon, I became so hungry and restless and I had to take four small pieces of chinchin (I call it African cookies) with lots of water, by the time I was closed for the day, I had become HANGRY and I ravaged everything in sight. A very large portion of boiled rice and vegetables and of course more African cookies, I am sure I had gone beyond what was required of me for the day.

I will not follow the timing recommended anymore, neither will I eat anything till the end of the fast. I have a pattern that works for me and that is my '6pm Fast', this time I only need to wait another 3 hours to complete the 24 hours and then I can eat my 500 calorie-meal. When I wake up in the morning to take my breakfast by 7:30am, I would have eventually fasted for 34 hours with 500 calories in between (and if I wait till 9am before the breakfast, then I have a 36 hour fast on my badge), I think that is really doable for me.

Note: No fasting on TOM days. It could have contributed to my weakness yesterday

Some examples of 500 calorie meal for ME.
- 1 small pack of noodles (342) + 1 large hard boiled egg (100) + 2 tablespoon steamed spinach

- 1 cup boiled beans (230) + 1 tsp butter

- 1 cup boiled rice (200) + 1 tsp butter

- 1 cup cubed yam (158) + 2 small eggs (156) + 1 tsp oil for frying.

I am not likely to miss with the above even when I may not know all the calories involved. The above should be fine since I am not expected to be stuffed.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Day 1 - Project Scale Down

How has been the day friends? 

Today is Day One of Project Scale Down.

I measured my girth at 36.1 inches

Weighed in at 169.6lbs (77kg)

A starting picture too.

The next blog will be 16th of January for Day 15 progress. Follow me on twitter for daily updates.


1. My core had become very weak from lack of exercise

2. I did 60 secs plank hold twice, I started shaking at 2 secs the first time, 12 secs the second time

3. Fitness Blender core exercise for 20 minutes and I stopped the video thrice

4. I am really out of shape.

I am beginning 5:2 Diet Fast by Monday 4th, 2016. It is a healthy way to keep your body in good shape. I have tried it before and I am ready to do it again. I will blog about this and what I did after the first day is successful.


I wish to call it "Limorange", I used 100% orange juice and 100% lime juice to give me that tangy/sweet taste of the lemon. The recipe below:

- 8 Lemons
- 250g sugar
- 500ml water

- 1 bowl
- 1 Juicer
- 1 small pan
- 1 wooden spoon

- Juice the lemons or like me juice enough oranges and lime and I used 2/3 cup lime + 1.5 cup of orange juice. (Use the lemons if you have it, it tastes better)
- Boil sugar and water, stir on a gentle boil, remove when sugar dissolves.
- Pour into the juice and stir
- Chill for half an hour
- Serve on rocks

My mom brought oranges for me yesterday and today being my recipe trial day, I tried this recipe AGAIN. I did it before with lemons, it tasted better. Lime are more concentrated than lemons, I added the orange to tone it down too.

Fresh from Farm Oranges

Limorange Drink