Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Week 11 Weigh-in: Planning

It is two weeks and two days today that I had been planning and journaling. In these few weeks I can call myself a planner, woohoo!

Planning also called forethought "is the process of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal". I love this definition because of the these words 'thinking' 'organizing' and 'goal', since that's what I have been doing, although not the deep kind of thinking but the just-do-it type. I mean all I do each night is just know what my workout plan for tomorrow is and I get everything ready including Plans A, B and everything to Z. I wake up each day not planning to finish the whole exercise in my journal but as much as I am satisfied with while there is still time.

I write the meal plan for the next day including my snacks in my journal and for the past 16 days, it's been worth it.

Every night I end the day completing my workout or writing how the day had been food-wise and exercise-wise, I write down my thoughts and judgments of the day plus every overeating and under-eating is taken note of. I forgive my errors and look forward towards the goals ahead. I make sure to write in my journal every night so that any "tomorrow" is not haphazardly lived and trust me it is working for me.

Friday, May 20, 2016


Plyometrics also called "Jump Training" is a type of exercise that involves a quick and explosive movement.

I personally love strength training than cardio workouts, I just dislike that chest thumping that happens after the cardio exercises. But I am at ease with plyometrics and I love the fact that more energy is burned because it high impact exercise at a short time frame.

This week has seen me with a lot of this jumping around and I feel the endorphin rush after each session. I am posting this so that you can give this a try sometimes, below are my favorites:

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week 10 Weigh-in: NSV

I weighed in this morning at 170.2lbs and that is a gain of 0.6lbs this week. I did well because I had NSVs . I feel so proud of this achievements and I know that the scale will soon move towards the right direction. 

NSV means Non-Scale Victory, it is very important for everyone on a weight loss journey to imbibe this as a culture if they want to ever make a headway. It is often said that the scale nor the numbers on it does not determine what success you have. I agree with this and I think it is fact even though it is easier to feel bad and misbehave after any weigh in that shows an unfavourable number. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Week 9 Weigh in: 169.6lbs

It had been great completing this week with daily exercising and cautious eating. My feelings was mixed on what the result would be because I am just days past TOM,  the weight is always maintained at this time but I did try my best to take healthy steps towards a weight loss this week. Low numbers on the scale doesn't come by accident, it comes through a conscious and consistent effort. I weighed in at 169.6lbs this morning (0.8lbs loss)

I was determined to do something positive this week and I am grateful that lines were falling to me in pleasant places. One of the most important things that happened was my journal, it became a bestie this week and I wrote in it everyday. I planned and tracked my workout, planned and tracked my food, I wrote down my feelings including reasons for my failures and ways out.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 8 Weigh in: 170.4lbs

I tried my best this past week but I think TOM really proved me wrong and I am not feeling bad about it at all. I am growing into it and I believe with time things will work well. As I planned last week Wednesday, I did 5 days intermittent fasting 14:10, one day 18:6 and a 24 hour fast which ended this morning. I stepped on the scale this morning and I weighed 170.4lbs, I know it has something to do with TOM and some other factors I took note of like overeating during my eating window. When breaking the fast by 11am in the morning, my meals are planned and on point but by the time I get home at dinner, there is a feeling to stock my tommy. I am putting that into consideration this week, meaning just because there is a fast does not give room to eat just about anything. 

On the exercising front also, I did not lift a finger this week because I was just not feeling it (it's a bane). I am going to make sure to try my best this week to workout for the 7 days starting today, I still have my walk/jog challenge going on (I can change the days and settings at will, I hope I have not taken that for granted for too long).

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Get Fit Indoors

Indoor fitness could pop up for many reasons, the weather being the ultimate of them all. It could range from a scorching sun, heavy/light rain, darkness, dawn etc. A lack of time during the day or even cash crunched to pay for a gym can make an ardent exerciser resolve to stay indoors to do the needful.

My own reasons being:
  • I cannot run outside because DH feels it's not safe for me 
  • I am not always buoyant enough to pay for a gym subscription 
  • I am not rich enough to get the complex machines like a treadmill, stationary bike etc 
According to Liz Noelcke a staff writer with Sparkpeople, "there is no reason that you can’t make a home gym part of your reality. A home gym adds convenience and privacy to your workouts. When you exercise at home, you save time, money, and the rush hour headaches (on the road and in line for the elliptical). Although you might be cautious due to budget and space limitations in your house, building a home gym isn’t as impractical as you might think. After all, gym memberships can occupy a large portion of your budget per year".

You may not need to get all at once but when you put your mind to it, before long you will have a simple yet state-of-the-art home gym.

Since I started this healthy lifestyle, I had always improvised and made sure I leave nothing short to excuses. For example, I joined a 5k walk/jog training program on Sparkpeople and somehow I am inhibited by those factors (as highlighted above), so I made a research on walking or running in place. If I could march in place then why can't I run in place and which will have a close if not the same effect. I checked some articles online and watched a video by Kimberly and her friend on YouTube (search "right and wrong way to jog in place"). The first day of the training, I had my trackers on and my heart rate monitor in place, I was surprised that my heart rate could go as high as 151 while on the run and could stay low for 117 while resting. I was highly impressed and knew that "if there is a will, there is always a way".

You could, like me get the basics as these:

never mind my glass of drink, it's healthy "Nutri C"

- 3 Set of dumbbells

- A jump rope

- My DIY barbell (using some parts of a car wheel)

- A wooden step bench (home made)

- Resistance Bands of different weight (didn't take pictures)

- Laptop for the exercise videos

- Exercise ball

- Yoga mat

- Fitness gadgets (optional)
Smart Bracelet


and extras like if you are richer

- Cardio machines (treadmill, cross trainer, stationary bike)

- Workout bench

You also need a setup, a small space with high ceilings if possible so that you don't hurt yourself when doing workouts like jump rope or jumping jacks. You will also need a strong will to stand and do that you need to do especially at such moments when you are bored of your home gym; I did not break the bank to get all and neither do you.

My little space that serves me well
What do you do to improve yourself when there are barriers?