Thursday, June 30, 2016

Week 16 Weigh-in: A New Series

I am making this a quick post so that I am not breaking my weigh in streak. I weighed in yesterday at 170.2lbs and that is a result of one week of inactivity but keeping food choices on point. I did well intermittently fasting and made good food choices, I also tracked my meals in my journals without default.

You might wonder why I feel a gain of 0.4lbs is a good thing, I think so because I am just coming out of TOM and I normally expect a 3lbs gain most times but I think something is working for me, I only hope it has nothing to do with lack of exercise which characterized this week.

I coming up with a series of posts on hunger, cravings and a desire to eat, I am almost done with it and I promise you it will be a good time to keep "overeating" under forever.


I danced last week for a total of 90 minutes and I was surprised to have over 10,000 steps on my tracker, that is over 7,000 dancing steps since I had 3,000 steps for the whole day.

I hope you will consider dancing to fitness, especially dancing to tunes you love. A post is coming soon on that, and I think it's better a vlog.

I have an outing ceremony tomorrow and will involve a road trip so, intermittent fasting is yesterday and today so that nothing holds back the fun tomorrow.

Catch with the new series and how that will help us in July.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


It started yesterday and I have decided to make it a post. I started craving these foods yesterday, and I feel like sharing in a post today.

and of course this:


How do you handle your cravings?
Why do we crave only the not-so-healthy foods?
Can you eat the above without overeating them?
I need help.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Week 15 Weigh-in: Declutter the Clutters

This week had not been really interesting save the surprise birthday party I was at on Monday 20th. On the healthy lifestyle road, I can say this week was a bore. I tried working out but the morale was just not there (always remember that this happens a lot along your journey to success).

Well, I needed to something interesting for this week's post and voila  - "clutters and de-cluttering".

We have all had to battle with this at one time or another. If you are a working class and you are like me with an 8 hour job with other extra-curricula activities on a daily basis, then you will relate with this a lot. Sometimes it becomes worse and you just must find that time to get your house in order.

At a point, a cluttered house was my bane till I found a secret of handling one room per time and in a month my home became a safe haven again. Funny part is that when the house is cluttered there is a superstition that one will be having constant nightmares (I don't know how true that is). 

Meanwhile, it is important to also note that dirty is NOT cluttered; dirty is about the neatness while clutter is about the proper arrangement of your wares to have enough working space in the room either your kitchen, gym, bedroom, bathroom etc.

Some advantages comes with a de-cluttered house:
  • A beautiful and neat environment
  • Peace of mind
  • Seemingly large work space
  • Easier to clean
  • Ability to meet other plans e.g. a de-cluttered home gym encourages me to workout daily and so the kitchen too.
As I mentioned above, take this gigantic task one step at a time, pick a room and I would advice that you do not be tempted to do more than a room at a time if not the idea would fail. I have tried and tested it.

I have some before and after pictures of my home gym, 

Before pictures of my home gym:

After pictures:

I eventually had enough space to do my jumping jacks, jump ropes and other plyos.

Weigh in today is 169.8lbs, that is very a good TOM gain. I normally have up to 2lbs gain after TOM. My number goal this week is to be under 169lbs.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Week 14 Weigh-in: Exercise Personality

When we talk of personality, we are referring to who you really are, what stuff you are made of, what you do as habit or attitude effortlessly or sometimes without thinking. For example you can never advise an extrovert to start talking because it is done without thinking neither will you force an introvert to socialize since he won't bulge. In the psychological world, they have a lot of classifications that I am not delving into in this post. I will be referring you to some quiz (at the end of the post) where you can find out where you belong and what you can do to help achieve your healthy goals.

Did you wake up 4:30am everyday to get some runs in and after a week you were either exhausted, bored and uninterested in it any longer?

Were you in a monthly challenge and your schedule did not see the light of the 5th day?

Have you tried Yoga and you wondered what the slow motion is all about?

Did you register in a gym at the beginning of a year and you wondered why the gym cannot be quiet for a short time?

Do you realize that working out alone, helps you gather new thoughts and ideas together?

If you notice anything that others can do easily and it seemed boring, lousy, too competitive etc, I think it has something to do with your personality.

The above is the reason fitness expert advises that you should do what works for you and what gives you fun. If you don't like running, you don't need to, in a bid be fit and healthy. I have seen a lady who lost a whooping 51lbs of weight using hula hoop (looks like child's play right? But it gives her some fun as she burns the calories), there is no one-size-fits-all in the weight-loss journey and that is why it is essential to find what befits your personality and keep at it. It is high time exercisers know themselves, stop the comparison and do what you love.

I love strength training a lot or what is called resistance training, because I feel it's quiet and my heart rate rises steadily unlike cardio where you have it so high and may have to keep it high for a while. In the midst of all these, I love circuit training or interval training where one can make the heart thump out of the chest for one minute and the next you are recovering. Let me give you the idea of what I like, Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred and the fact that I am doing it for less than 30 minutes max, like P90X, Insanity and the likes. I love the fact that even when heavy metal is not involved, there are some resistance training.

It was not long ago before I also found that I cannot keep up with monthly challenges/routine. Anything beyond 2 weeks, my motivation wanes, in fact right now my routine/schedule is weekly and immediately I found out this secret, keeping up with myself was less struggling.

I also love mix-match i.e. having to chose whatever exercise that appeals to me just before I do it. For example, if my schedule says Cardio on Wednesday, I pick my cardio exercise Tuesday night so that I wake up early, do it and I am done before I get bored by merely looking at it, (boredom is so close to me, I could be bored of blinking, lol of course not).

With a new exercise plan in place for this week, I weighed in at 169lbs this morning and I hope the scale shows me less next week. Have some fun by clicking the links below.

Monday, June 13, 2016


I used to hate spinach (saw it more as a detox) as a veggie option for a long time until recently when I made it work for me and it had been yielding without tummy bugs.

I grew up to not only steam spinach but blanch it if you ask and I get all manners of tummy troubles a day after, so I grew to dislike spinach. As a student I met some ibo girls that made me love ugwu (pumpkin leaves) and so I discarded spinach but during the dry seasons, ugwu is so untouchable. All these pushed me into finding a way out, so I can eat my spinach with all its nutrients intact and not having to frequent the bathroom 12 hours after.

I got some spinach from the garden on Saturday and I wanted to just share what I did with it.
Fresh spinach from garden

1. 2 handful of Spinach (preferably baby spinach)
2. Red Oil (be careful because 1tbsp of Palm oil is 120 calories, add as desired)
3. 2 Ripe tomatoes
4. 3 Hot Scotch Bonnet pepper (Rodo)
5. 1 big ball of red onion
6. 1 smoked fish (Sardine)
7. Locust beans (Optional or as desired)
8. 1/2 cup Water
9. Seasoning
10. Salt to taste

1. Pluck the spinach with some stalk
2. Shred the spinach and wash with salt
3. Shred the tomatoes and pepper and onions in different containers
4. Wash the fish, remove tiny bones and cut into bits
5. Wash the locust beans, if you are using this to get rid of sand
6. In a clean pot add the water, the tomatoes, pepper, fish, locust beans and cover to simmer till water is almost drying up.
7. Add the onions first, shredded spinach, and desired oil. Add the stock cube too and cover.
8. Let the veggie simmer for 5 minutes or until you see the vegetable shrink to half the size.
9. Stir everything together and taste before adding salt (*the salt I use in washing spinach and the one in locust beans is sometimes just all I need) to taste.
10. Eat alone or with any carbs of choice.

Number 7 of my directions

Ready to savor

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Week 13 Weigh-in: Emotional Eating

I love cooking. 

I love learning new cooking tips.

I love trying new recipes.

I think it could be responsible for my tendency to overeat. I love the food I cook or let me just say I love eating food, good foods, delicious food. Can I say I lack self control? Or all these episodes of overeating even after intermittent fasting is emotional in nature?

I have tried 5-6 meals a day and I ended up overweight and now I am doing intermittent fasting still I tend to overeat at my non-fasting window or days.

The question I am asking myself today is this: AM I AN EMOTIONAL EATER?

Whenever you eat outside hunger it can be defined as emotional eating. Anytime you eat to soothe yourself or suppress a negative emotion e.g. anger, sadness, or even boredom you are emotionally eating. 

I am aware of this but I seem not to be able to help myself when the eating starts but I try that it doesn't spin out of control, at least I am sure to get it curbed within 24 hours, though the deed is done already. 

I can factually say that I overeat out of anxiety, I try to use food to divert my attention from whatever issue I am anxious about (even when there is nothing to eat, I bite my nails deep, ugh!)

I am writing this post because I am still struggling with my Wednesday weigh ins. I weighed in at 172lbs this morning, that is a 2 pound increase from last week. I did well through the week until yesterday,  I was feeling really dull (no good sleep) and the next thing I thought of was food and more food. I felt bloated too because of some salty snacks I had yesterday. 

Some ways out of emotional eating according to

1. Pay attention to your thoughts before you eat.

2. Seek Solutions: Make a list of what the problems are and if you can solve them, get into action but if they are out of control, they you should choose not to react as you have always done in the past. Talk to someone about it

3. Pause: It is advisable to give a gap between the urge to eat and actually eating. You could pause a bit to know why you want to eat, if it is not as a result of hunger then you should delay a bit or do something to distract you from the food like taking a glass of water. You might be surprised that being fully aware of why you want that food may take your mind completely away from it.

4. Try Moving: 10 Pushups, 10 minutes walk or some short exercise could push the thought of food aside till it's time for the planned meal or snack.

5. Keep it Real: It could be normal to emotionally eat sometimes especially when you are in the blues but not curbing it is where it becomes a problem. You should not allow the episodes to become frequent.

Weighing your options can help too. 
  • How you feel after each episode of emotional eating can also help to put you in check when the urge is sparked again.
  • What do you gain by emotionally eating? Obese, guilt, bad health etc
  • Does the problem go away? No, it won't go away by using food.
  • Is the negative emotion subsided? Yes, but temporarily. It normally comes back greater if the issue is not addressed properly.
I will be on the look out this week and I hope the best numbers on the scale is achieved.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 12 Weigh-in: Plateaux

Last week, I was very religious with tracking both food and workout on a daily basis and all was going well till Saturday when I was supposed to have tabata, I just realized my heart rate was high, my body was not ready and till this morning I had not lifted a finger in my home gym. 

It would be a lie if anyone told you it's all rosy and active through a weight loss journey there are lots of ups and down. In fact I think my own journey had been unique. I cannot work on a regimen for 4 weeks straight, No I can't! BUT I WILL, as you know that I get bored easily, so to be frank the road is not easy at all and I am not exempted.