Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Week 19 Weigh-in: 166.2lbs

I have been weighing myself and blogging about it for almost 20 weeks consecutively. I feel proud of myself because I know that consistency is very important in a weight loss journey and I am doing just that.

For the past 3 weeks I had been posting on eating, hunger and other things in-between. I posted about CRAVINGS, DESIRE TO EAT and HUNGER, today and I am going to make my inference from the past posts and how it could affect me as a person (one of the purpose of this blog is for readers to learn from me and succeed).

My conclusions goes thus:

1. I now know what true hunger means, which according to Dr. Fuhrman is felt at the throat and at the back of the mouth (refer to the last week's post)

2. I feel the most hunger between 10am and 12 noon everyday, meaning that hunger sets in for me 12 - 14 hours after dinner.

3. When my dinners are early, I sleep better and wake up with a good weight.

4. Anxiety brings craving and thereby bingeing on carbs especially bread.

5. I don't normally lose my appetite even when sick like most people.

6. I love good and delicious food (it may or may not be healthy).

7. I could bore out easily eating same foods.

8. Beans fill me up faster and for longer.

9. I could contain hunger for long periods only when I attach some accountability to it.

10. I find it satisfying to swap any unhealthy food for healthy ones as long as it is delicious and eye-catching.

11. My power to overcome would be MIND OVER MATTER, and this made me remember a song: "you can get it if you really want, but you must try, try and try". 

I will keep trying till I get my hands on the power to mind food business.

Some ways out are:

- making delicious healthy meals through the power of home cooking.

- having healthy snacks handy always.

- relying on God to control unhealthy appetites

- let the end justify the means (i.e. reminding myself of the reasons I started this healthy journey)


I weighed in at 166.2lbs (a loss of 1.6lbs) this morning. I started a new workout challenge a few days ago and this requires me doing all my 350+ workout videos (alphabetical order), ranging from cardio, strength training, HIIT, yoga, Pilates etc. I am enjoying the challenge so far because I have an accountability partner who checks on me from time to time. 

Me, one year ago (I was at my lowest 162lbs)

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