Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Hey friends and awesome readers, I had not been here in two months and it feels like forever right now. I have had a lot going on with me and I had been overwhelmed at some point and ready to give up but there is a desire and a drive from inside that wouldn't just let me.

I am amazing,

I am strong,

I can do anything,

Positivity is a choice and;

I am prepared to succeed.

There had been challenges here and there but I have learn to relax and watch on, some I stress myself over, others I leave to let them be, some I sleep over and others I discard them from inception. Read my post on Stress Management.

Right now I look good health wise because I had been fasting, it was the Lenten 40 days fasting that triggered fasting for weight loss for me and I really think I am enjoying every step in the way. I love the idea that my digestive system is not perpetually overloaded with work, trust me I am seeing changes, even PMS is given way. I know I will be in good health even as my soul prospers.

I am in the middle of some fasting trials and I am looking forward to the numerous benefits that some to those who fast. I love the feeling.

I am still working on my website (what you get when DH is the designer) and I hope to enter fully into writing without a pause. Since I will be giving the blog a greater attention, you will be seeing more of me and this journey towards my healthy goals.

I have a desire for June 2017 and one of it is to be under 160s, I mean that would be the first time in 15 years. This desire is strong within me and it is my present push. I am giving it all I've got and I know my body will not let me down.

I intend to:

  1. Do intermittent fasting continuously;
  2. Eat healthy - nutrition dense meals (do some Ketogenic compliance)
  3. Exercise consistently
  4. Believe in myself

I must keep doing the above (someone said, it's not good to speak too soon as you might lose the motivation) till I get it right and right well.

My weigh in last week Friday was 74.8 (my scale is less than 0.2) and I am building on that before I weigh myself officially again this Friday (I weigh based on my intuition during the week).

See more of you soon and keep on 'keepin on...