Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

The above is a tweak of January workout plan (I did this with a combo of Greatist's "just do something") and also my New Year's Resolution. I am starting on this project of 30 days and one of the major guidelines is to make an appointment of at least 10 minutes of exercise everyday. With the above plan, I am mandated to do just the first 10 minutes, any extra minute is bonus.

A. Equipment (Anything that can be used to exercise within your reach) I have these:

1. I have 313 workout videos (low impact, high impact, flexiblity)
2. A stability ball
3. Set of Resistance Bands
4. Set of dumbbells (5lbs, 4kg, and 3lbs)
5. A yoga mat
6. A hand crafted 30lbs barbell (I am sure you don't want to see it but it does the job)
7. Other accessories like sport bra, jeggings, leggings, sport wears.
8. Consistency, consistency, consistency.
9. Lastly me, myself and I.
10. Mind over matter

B. At least 10 consecutive minutes out of 24 hours daily for 30 days

C. Motivation: both from inside and outside. I need all the energy to do this seeing I bore easily.

D. Progress photos (Day 1, Day 15, Day 30)

Daily Tips
1. Get my workout clothes ready at night
2. Sleep early since I will need to wake between 4:30am - 5am
3. Get all the workout equipment ready
4. A clear mind that I am expending just 10 minutes, getting the remaining minutes in my timetable done is a bonus for each day.
5. It is a must to do the first part of my timetable
6. Write in my fitness journal

If you will like to join me on this challenge, just click a "reaction" below this post, I know you are in. You are not mandated to follow my exercise timetable, be creative but be sure you are doing something productive daily and be ready to share your progress.

You can follow me on twitter for daily updates.

I wish to call it PROJECT SCALE DOWN

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Binge Disorder

Bingeing – according to the dictionary – is a period of excessive indulgence in an activity, especially drinking alcohol or eating. It is splurging and overindulgence, this shows that bingeing is not a normal situation. Over the years bingeing had included other activities apart from eating like excessive shopping and excessive watching.

It is good to note that these activities (binge eating, drinking, watching and shopping) are all to cover up issues, bingeing is mostly mental/physical disorder and an escape route from some negative emotions. When there is a compulsion to do any activity in excess, check it. 

Some physical signs to note includes:
- Eating much more rapidly than usual
- Eating until feeling uncomfortably full
- Eating large amounts of food when not feeling hungry
- Eating alone because of the embarrassment at the large quantities consumed 

Binge happens within a short period and it is attached with so much guilt after the act. Whichever way binge appears, they all have common causes and can be treated – mind over matter.

According to Greatist Expert, there are 3 major causes of binge activity whether pizza, booze, sales clearance  or seeing all episodes and seasons in a day (even a desire for new things like me).

1. Psychological – this may include stress, anxiety and depression, loneliness. Bingeing while experiencing these act as an escape, a means to numb an unhappy feeling. Like me when I am depressed, I want new stuff around me. Something new enough to take my mind off the problem but it is always momentary. The cycle is endless because when the binge activity ends or fades away, the problem re-appears and another round of binge starts.

2. Chemical – there is a great impulsive feeling of fulfillment at the moment of a binge activity. Expert says dopamine – feel-good chemical – released by the brain can cause a physical addiction and in turn binge more because we crave the rush of this chemical. The secretion seems to suppress the negative emotions for the moment. Since the problem is still present, we binge more and more.

3. Societal – the societal demands takes a toll on a lot of us. Media show us fitspo and thinspo that does more harm than good to our self and body images. The pressure to lose weight and fit in could start and when the scale doesn’t move, bingeing to suppress the un-acceptance by the society sets in.

What to do?

Greatist Writer Nick English suggested the following:

When a binge feels imminent then THINK model is the answer (according to Dr. Michael Mantel) True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary or Kind. For example an impulse like “I must buy that now” doesn’t exactly fit the THINK bill.

Mind Over Matter – Nick said most experts’ feels bingeing episodes hinges on lack of mindfulness. In my opinion, if you have a compulsive eating disorder try to be mindful of it. Have a mental awareness of what is happening to you and around you at every period of your lovely life. For example, I was frustrated at a lot of things yesterday (ranging from office to domestic matters) and I knew it because when I got home in the evening I ate two meals within an hour outside dinner, duuuh…

Self treatment is okay when binge issue is mild but when it is caused by depression or other mental disorders, talk to a doctor or a support group about it.

For me, whenever I binge I know there is an issue on my mind that I am suppressing. It maybe an issue that I NEED TO and CAN solve e.g. a heap of dirty laundry, dirty dishes, a nagging colleague, a difficult boss. But some issues are beyond me and those I avoid or wait for solutions to come.

My binge episodes ranges from eating big portions, eating anything in sight, mostly taking sugary stuff, wanting to buy something new and unplanned snacks. 

I plan to start with mind over matter which I do often but the will to stop even when I become conscious is what I need now.

Beware of bingeing!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Good Eats

I ended with this (forgive the pictures)

Ended with this

It's nice giving new recipes a trial once a while. It makes food more interesting and of course a total departure from boring.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fitness Trends 2016

Hey friends,

Source: American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

Are you trending?

Check me out

1. Wearable Technology (I have a Heart Rate Monitor and presently saving for a Fitbit Flex)

2. Body Weight Training (Like push ups, lunges, squats etc. It's what I do more times because I don't have many of the exercise equipment available.)

3. High Intensity Interval Training (Most of my workout videos incorporates interval training.  My favorite fitness trainers like Shaun T, Jillian Michaels and Tony Horton bares HIIT in all it's glory)

4. Strength Training (ST is my favorite type of exercise ever because my heart beat rises slowly and stays within a range at a point, I always love the feeling)

5. Personal Training (I have a personal trainer, yes I do have one. He is more of a friend than a trainer and because of that I get too muck slack, he won't just shout at me.)

6. Exercise and Weight Loss (I really do exercise for fitness and good health but I won't  lie  to myself, the weight loss is a great part of it and I am motivated more when the scale moves, who doesn't?)

7. Yoga (I started active Yoga last year and I am trying my best. It's not one of my favorites because I feel I do not have the basics and nobody can teach me, at least I have not met anyone yet. I love the stretching part more. It helps.)

If I could score 7 out of 10, that is a pass mark! 2016 is my year of a greater determination to improve on fitness. I will work on the whole 20 because I am TRENDY (rolling eyes)

Did any of your "favorites" make this list?

Monday, December 7, 2015

One Week Update: Day 7

I have been walking with Leslie for approximately one week today, day 7 is my REST day.

I have walked for 3 days consecutively and on the 4th day I realized I was calculating the minutes/steps wrongly.

I had to also stop because I was not really feeling good and today being my doctor's appointment, I wanted to just complain to him and inquire if I can continue or what else to do to ease me of the recurrent headaches.

I want to let him know how incomplete my life can be without exercising.

I am trying my best on the diet front and trust I lost a smidge (0.5kg). Saturday morning I weighed in at 76.3kg as against 76.8kg which was my weigh in before the walk.

I did measure my waist to be 35", I am looking for a smaller waist by day 30 of this challenge.

What are you non scale goals before the year ends.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

30-Day Walking Challenge, Who's In?

Hey awesome readers,

I just stumbled on an article on a Leslie Sansone's 30-day walking challenge and I fell deeply in love with it. Since I am recuperating, I have been looking for an exercise that would be mild with me and enough to work me and I think this is just the bomb.

The program has 3 versions i.e. ranging from beginners' steps, intermediate and advanced. I am starting today and will love to have an "accountabilibuddy" (new diction for an accountability buddy) - partner in workout - I wouldn't mind a virtual buddy either.

Leslie Sansone can be a boring instructor to me but I need her on days as this when I can't cope with a Shaun T or a Billy Blanks high impact exercise.

A new discovery is Jenny Ford, I love her steps aerobics and I will get the videos to help me out in a recovery process.

Oh! How I had missed the videos and all the plans to lose weight in a healthy way, the body has it's way of declining (today makes 28 days since illness) and I cannot wait to try the first video in weeks.

Walking  with Leslie, Jenny and Jessica is my way of recuperating afterall.

Happy 30 days walking

The 30-Day Walking Challenge

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for?

So I'm here today because God kept me. I'm alive today, only because of His grace. God kept me so I wouldn’t let go

There is hope of better days/things to come when we still have breathe in us, a hope of doing a lot more in life is assured only if we are alive.

Sustenance of life rests with God.

He created food, provides food, makes the food work, even the ability to eat/digest the food lies with God (wonderfully and fearfully created). The digestion starting from the mouth and down till making it beneficial for us is awesomely God, and we need to be thankful for this.

There is little we can do to really help ourselves outside God and thus my reason for being thankful to Him today.

However, that “little” we can do must be of utmost priority, this is where fitness and healthy diet comes in.

We need to be conscious of a fact that “toxin” is a part of life in this generation (remember global warming), but in case we cannot single-handedly control it we can consciously control what we do with our bodies.

Toxin is everywhere around us especially the food with eat (I don’t blame those who fast back to back to decongest their systems), it ranges from the additives, to the preservatives, to the sweeteners etc. These toxins are added to our foods just to make them more appealing, delish and presentable and to be frank with you they are doing great jobs. 


Where is the saying that… “If it doesn’t rot, beware! We always react with a Yuck!

Sometimes, it is even the issue of overworking the body. Giving it more than it can work with because of some “obsession” of any kind either diet or exercise or even stress (I will talk about stress some other day). 

That we are thankful for sustenance today is also a time to reflect on what we are doing to either sustain or destroy that body that we are given. 

Are you consciously working towards riding that horse (your body) for a long time then you will need to both ride carefully and take care of it, the horse can revolt when overworked (like it did me this past 3 weeks) and is ready to break down completely or even stop working when it’s not used correctly.

Check this mantra:

30 minutes of exercise 4 – 5 days a week

Eat from the Earth

Control the portions of what you eat.

If you can carry out this 3, I bet you have minded the laws of long life and prosperity.

I am thankful today for family, friends, colleagues, readers of my blog (for your patience), my trainer and everyone who had been helping me to live healthy since 2009.

Sorry I had been MIA (I had been sick and I will talk about the illness when I am fully recovered)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fight Like A Girl

It is October and it is also the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

There is a saying that "what you don't know won't hurt you.." but I think these days it may not hurt but it may KILL and that is the reason early detection of any disease is important.

Knowing early is as important as proper education on what to be done about it. In this part of the world religiosity had taken over right thinking and it bleeds my heart a lot when people live in denial of medical problems that can be taken care of before it gets out of hand.

This bring us to the issue of self breast examination, it should be taught and known by all girls either young or old. What we are looking for could range from painless/painful lump, discharge from the nipples, unequaled boobs with a far departure from the norm, color changes on the skin of breast or pulling in nipples.

A simple DIY can save you from the later hurt after all.

In partnership with BHG (Bankers Healthcare Group), we (using my blog) want to keep the fight on against Breast Cancer.

What can be done before and during are all highlighted in the graphic below. My focal point is the diet and exercise part. It could build up your immunity and help you to fight not only cancer but other disease. 

Always remember that the fighting spirit is the caution spirit.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rut, Lost and Down

I think I am in the blues right now!!! (Rant ahead)

At one point in the day, week, months and years of a life there will be something that puts the blue ring on the finger. 

When the situation is severe, the person refuses or is unable to come out of the weather.It could become medically diagnosed and treated same, then you call that DEPRESSION.

I find myself in this blue mood when there are some situations that are simply beyond my control. 

I am discussing this on my fitness/weight loss blog because it is affecting my productivity as an ardent exerciser, I still wonder why I will wake up in the morning and the excitement to work up a sweat is not in me. Coming back home at night, I am tired (not an excuse for me) and the inner strength to even take a walk with “Leslie” is not just there.

I have un-resolvable issues on my mind right now and they linger on my subconscious, for God’s sake I cannot wait for fogs to clear before I resume back to some good tough videos. It is getting harder and I dislike each day that ends without a workout.

So many things could bring some form of unhappiness and for me it mostly include the inability to meet my dreams, aspirations and goals. It make me feel more like a failure and I could go on ruminating on mistakes and wrong choices of the past that could have aggravated the "today's situation". 

As much as getting out of such moods can be helped by talking about it, I hate pity-parties and so I hardly discuss issues with anyone except GO now [and dad when he was living]. I have that belief that with God [I tell him everything], I am always on top of every matter. I don't mean I have solution to every of my troubles but that non of them will get me down or get in my way of being productive [it's happening now]. Right now, I love the comfort of my home more, I just want to be left alone, be aloof and think things through [I hope so...]

However, the reality is that I have to move on, people also need me [the most difficult part] to help them out of "their blues" too, not minding my state of mind [the selfishness in us all]. I have duties and expectations as a wife, daughter (in law), leader, friend and sister, and I need not fail in theeeeesee either. There should be a way out then...

[The whole sky is not all dark] I am relieved though that I am finding strength in not resolving to gulp down junk into my system as I go through this.

I had a meal plan including snacks based on a two meal per day that I follow religiously, at least if I am not working out my diet should be on point. [Ignore the carbs, I work with what I have]

I am consciously doing that...

I would rather take a stroll than eat 'that' unhealthy snack to deal with my fears and uncertainties.

Some steps that could help,

1. Everyone goes "down" that road at some point in life

2. Know that you are in the blues

3. Find help out of that mood

4. If you are on a weight loss goal, do not turn to food as a way out

5. Be positive and thankful

6. Socialize

7. Talk to someone you trust about what you don’t know

8. Read up some jokes (or watch Tom & Jerry)

9. Talk yourself to exercise.

10. Rest

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dreams (CNN Heroes)

I write a lot about my physical fitness but because I love being fit on all sides of life, I am writing about Dreams today.

Not the ones you have when you are sleeping but those that you do have in your full consciousness. We sometimes refer to them as 'ambitions'.

These are conscious thoughts of what we wish we will become sometimes in the farthest or nearest future. Thoughts that fantasize us a lot and most often we fashion our lives towards such dreams, we walk and work towards realizing such dreams in our daily pursuit and struggles.

I have had lots of dreams in my little years of life, from marrying an IT expert (I did not pursue that but it came), to having 6 kids (ouch!), to becoming a superman like "batman or batgirl"(lol), to living in a big house and having a large kitchen (wow), to becoming a part of the Sesame Street Crew and the dreams are endless

What are your dreams? Have they been realizable? How much effort are you putting towards getting "there" soon?

Talking about "realizable dreams"? I did have one particular dream some two decades ago and just this morning, I felt it's too big then and even now. lol

That day someone told us to say our dreams out and talk to God about them, and in my words I said and I quote,

"I want to broadcast on the CNN". 

I felt it was too large that day way back, and now I feel they are even larger and so untouchable for me. It is rather funny to me though.

Even if I feel that dream is not achievable, I never stopped crushing on CNN and more importantly the women who had been part of the team for ages. I think they also had great dreams and maybe the reasons why they are there today, maybe...

Well, I am seriously in love with the women on CNN and I stalk them to some extent. I love to hear their names, watch them talk, check out their dress sense, haircuts, families etc. I will mention some:

Rosemary Church

Hala Gorani

Becky Anderson

Christiane Amanpour (My Favorite)

I wonder how it would have sounded "This is Tope Tunde-Gideon for CNN" just my way.

Do you still hope your dreams will come true? What ambiguous dreams did you have? Share...

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Growing Stronger

I am growing stronger. 
With  little little modifications I maxed out with the Cardio Challenge yesterday at a little over 7 minutes (yay).

I am so far from weight-less today at 75.6kg (+0.3kg) bad weighing day. I know it is TOM

That I maxed out after 7 minutes yesterday is my NSV for the week and I am proud of myself.

I have decided to include at least 1 mile walk with the days of Insanity just to create space for the next round of Sparkpeople Biggest Losers Challenge (it is a 12 weeks long challenges, weigh ins and competitions). 
So pending the start of the challenge in two weeks, I will be including daily 1 mile work (that is 6 miles per week).

Thursday, September 3, 2015


The above were the words in my heart as I had to double my workout today. I had a nagging headache last night, and so I slept early without following my schedule (I was supposed to do Sweat Intervals last night), today I had 62 minutes of Insanity on my badge, lol.

I think I love the workouts and the schedule too. I love cardio not as much as strength training anyways but right for Shaun T, I love the fast heart pumping workouts that lasts for just 30 minutes.

I have two more workouts for this week and I am ready to sweat again. I am getting to 9 minutes before maxing out now but with modifications once a while.

 I have postponed this workout for too long and I am happy that I am doing it now with full permission from the doctor. He encouraged me to go ahead.

I am not sure food is right with me yet, I think I overfed today just the same way it was yesterday. It was more of emotional eating and maybe TOM is wagging its head again.

I got enough water to drench Thirsty Thursday today. Still drinking more before bed.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Day 1 of the rest of the story

I started with Insanity Max: 30 as promised today 31st August, 2015. It is the first day on a 60 day calendar (So help me God).

First day (tagged Cardio Challenge)is really ridiculous but worth it, I am so out of shape that I maxed out at 2 minutes (lol), I am sure Shaun T had never had a record of anyone like that (lol). Just as I said earlier, today is the first day of the rest of the story.

As required, I took my statistics (measurements, weight and pictures) today to make a comparison at the end of 2 months.

Did I sweat? I was drenched

What was the workout like? Very challenging, as I kept maxing out at every 5 minutes of circuit. I almost punched the guy in the face (imagining he was with me) but not as much as I always want to with Jillian Michaels. Shaun T has some encouraging words to keep you going.

I am going to rest my head now getting ready for the morrow's "wakabout" (activities)

What challenging workout have you had in a while?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Weightless Wednesday

I wish I was weightless!!!

Good morning friends

Today is weigh in day and I think I had a 0.2kg less the weigh in for last week at 75.3kg today. I am not sure if that is a reasonable progress for, I hope I can record something positive for the coming week.

Not too good news!!!

I have slacked on bread eating and I am not happy about that. It is also impeding my weight loss progress, I eat it when I crave for it now and not on weekends as I earlier agreed to do. I have to caution myself and keep looking forward.

What food have you identified to impede your progress?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Meatless or Motivation Monday

It's either or both a motivational Monday or a meatless Monday. Either of the two I am still going strong today, had a meatless day by having a fish full day with my meals.

Motivation wise, I was on my feet the better of today despite the soreness from T25 on Saturday. Ouch!!!

"Public paid Announcement"

Insanity Max 30 starts on the 31st of August 2015 and not today as scheduled. I am on some "stuff" that would not accommodate any high intensity workout for now.

Don't mind me, I just had to hold on a bit.

A friend just announced her baby bump today and I am so happy for her.

Meanwhile, so that the day is not blank, I am walking at least a mile per day to keep body and soul in shape.

See you on maxing out day.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday Treat

Good Morning Friends

I already said there's no treat today because food had been bad during the week. I am eating as normal as possible and I am proud to say that I ate from my garden this morning. I made some tomato sauce with eggs (tomatoes from the garden). Yummy

I woke to workout this morning not with Insanity Max 30 as scheduled (I changed my mind before bed last night) but with Shaun T in T25. That workout was the bomb, my heart rate monitor was high throughout the 25minutes of pushing, at the 21st minute, I was dizzy and a dire urge to puke came (sorry TMI) and I had to pause the video to just catch my breath and some fresh air. I remembered the words of Jillian Michaels,
"except you puke, faint or dieee, do not stop"

I stopped before any of that happened to me this morning, lol. On the long run, it's not easy but it's worth it.

A new lesson: make sure to have a pre-workout snack before any of Shaun T's workout.

I will be starting max 30 on Monday because that is what the schedule says. I will be having some yoga relaxation time tomorrow God's willing.

I am posting from the phone, I would have added pictures of my garden. It's a good venture and I think you can try it too.

Tomatoes before they ripe, (they are in buckets, lol) never mind the snail, pests

Friday, August 21, 2015

Fruity Friday

Brunch for Friday (today). This meal includes:

Apple, pineapple, watermelon, cucumber and cabbage. It was yummy as I took it with my chopsticks. I love the sweet parts and did my best to savour every moment of it.

It is good that I am following good schedule and I hope I can be better getting to my goal weight soon.

I forgot to weigh in on Weghtless Wednesday, so I did this morning and it was 165.3lbs (75kg), blah blah blah. Not good, but I took it in.

I am starting my workout schedule tomorrow Saturday (which happens to be my treat day too, I will likely skip it because I had eaten so badly this week) and God helping me it's going to be with Insanity Max (Shaun T).

I have read reviews and I think I really want to do this. I am ready to push till something happens to my weight positively.

For the information I am tweaking my goals, I am no more thinking of 155lbs at the end of August but before the next BLC Round 29 which is mid September, I know I can do this!!! So, even if I cannot get to 155lbs then I should at the 150s.

Do you love your fruits? How do you take them?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thirsty Thursday

My cup on my table

It's thirsty Thursday and I already filled my cup (it's always on the table, never empty) with water. Sometimes I have green tea in it and other times it's colored water (added with Nutri C) but I make sure to have water on my table especially on Thursdays. Purpose of water in the body is not quantifiable.

Water and Me

Water has become a part of me

I drink it without thinking (subconscious action)

I am not held down by 8 glasses a day because I take double that daily

Weather is mostly humid in Nigeria, so I drink water by necessity

When I am hungry, I drink

When I am full, I drink (digestion)

When I am constipated, I drink water

When I am gassy, I drink water

Water is life

I love drinking water.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tiny Tuesday

On my schedule of living healthy, today is "Tiny Tuesday", hoping to keep it as tiny as possible. I had an early breakfast today and also kept it tiny too. It's fiber (beans) and I believe there are some science behind taking such in the morning too. I will search that out and post later.

Tiny Tuesday is about having the lowest daily caloric count for the week.

Today (25/08/2015) is one of those days, I already have a fiber-filling breakfast  and I hope nothing else out of proportion comes my way till dinner.

I hope to always keep it as tiny as possible all-Tuesday long. 

Join me friends (look to the graphics and make that your standard for the day, lmao)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weight Loss

I am truly looking to the stop to this ups and downs and getting under 160lbs before the end of August. My goal for August ending is 155.7lbs, I know I can do it.