FitMercy: Day One Workout of 3 weeks Lean Arms Challenge

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FitMercy September Challenge


Life's Ambition

I became creative today and I have to make a post of it. I am quite artistic, I realized this not too long ago and I started to explore this personality trait as much as I can. I started by investing in other languages, now photography and many more to come, watch this space. Each piece of photo is very significant to me. I really love this! The life I love and desire in a photo collage. Have you made a collage before? What are your desires in life? Can you put them in pictures? Let me know what you feel in the comments.


Hello readers, these are answers to two previous posts. What were questions that bothered you as a kid? How do people get into the TV? My beautiful brother answered, in his words “they normally go in through the sockets and the wires as tiny creatures and then they change to humans when they get inside the box, lol. Funny enough I believed that for an exceedingly long time as a kid. What question do you still have unanswered till now? Why do bad things happen to good people? I think everyone still asks this question in way till now. We may never get answers to that or we may explain it. Why did you stop or start asking questions? I started at the point I realized smart people are curious and it projects them into knowing more and better. It is a lot more easier these days with, I can ask without being judged, I can pose any question and I will get thousands of answers it is left to me to filter them using my moral correctness. To the Seven Questions (speci

More Questions...

One of the earliest adult songs I learned by heart as a little kid was a song by Johnny Nash “ there are more questions than answers ”, I heard it every week for years since it was an intro to a TV talk show. As I grew up, I realized those words were true. Are they not? There are many questions parents could not give answers to, many times teachers were lost even in their fields of specialization, a lot of inquiries  were purposely swept under the carpet by  religious leaders either because they were never told the answers too or they were too unbothered to find out. More importantly, many questions that bothered us and still bothering us as individuals and we are yet to find a clue, and which we may never till we are done. Questions increased as I grew, the peak of it was my teenage years, unfortunately there was no one to pose them to or sometimes I was not bold enough to ask adults those questions. Then I became an expert in monologue , I spoke to myself, ask ques

Seven Questions

v What kind of thinking error could I be making? v What evidence is there that this thought might not be true (or completely not true)? v Is there an alternative explanation or another way of viewing this? v What is the most realistic outcome of this situation? v What is the effect of my believing this thought and what could be the effect of changing my thinking? v What would I tell a close friend or family member if he/she were in this situation and had this thought? v What should I do now?     I will answer these questions in my next post but I need you to think about them too before then...  


The struggle is real and the earlier one comes face to face with reality the better. It's funny how blogging helped me lose weight in the past and how I had left it for this long and kept struggling with my diets and exercise. I had to answer some questions today about some thinking errors I have been nursing over the years about weight loss and right now, I think I should deal with the questions and get myself out of this rut. If you will like to know, I have gained weight, lost the weight and lost more and gained even more since the last post here. The struggle is real my dear. It's my birthday tomorrow, I will post those questions and answer them too. Frankly, it's great to post here again. Maybe it was pre-matured for me to leave for a website. Trust me the struggle is real. See you soonthen.