Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day 121 Update: Going Strong

I am loving that I had kept 21 days straight and strong in the 31 days of the first month in this year. It is a sign of good things coming this year.

I am most grateful for the BLC Round 27, it really did keep me accountable and the need not to let down the team. So I had to really push myself [not beyond limits yet, because I still workout just a little bit above my heart rate target] in order to see the scale move, and to be true to myself it's been cooperating with mama.

Coming week is the mother of them all with 300 minutes in all. I will give myself a week rest from the challenge and I begin again.

Below is my schedule for the coming week.

Week 4
Fitness Minutes Goal = 300

Sunday =  Cardio (60)

Monday = HIIT (50)

Tuesday = Moderate Cardio/ST (Cardio 15/ST 45)

Wednesday = Rest

Thursday = ST (45-60)

Friday = Active Rest (10 minutes walking)

Saturday = Upper Body Workout (60)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 118 Update: Heart Rate Monitor

I think I wrote a blog on Sparkpeople in December about a personal reward-turned gift. This is my story, I decided to buy a Heart Rate Monitor mid last year (I lost my precious Fitbit Zip courtesy of a wedding) and so I started saving towards buying on Amazon. Luckily for me, I got a good buy on Black Friday and a friend who was coming home from the US ordered it for me. When he eventually arrived for Christmas, he decided to give it to me as a xmas gift. My soul blesses him always.

I kept it for sometimes because, I see bonding the stuff to my chest as a burden that could easily wane my motivation to workout (trust me I still see it that way).

But beyond the cons I am associating with it, the fact that it beeps whenever I am below my designated zone, keeps quiet when I am within and beeps more when I am above my zone, makes me tick. I think I am truly in love with it.

I track my meals and workout with Sparkpeople (workout), meals in MyFitnessPal. My HRM is so so accurate and I love every bit of it.

Tonight was a blast, 76 minutes workout, phew!!! Of course I am resting all through the day tomorrow.

And I prrrreeeeesent!@@#$##$ (in baritone, Italian tongue)

FT4 Polarrr Heart Rrrate Monitorr

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 113 Update: Weight Loss

It's becoming a reality for me. I am in the 160s on the scale.

Yesterday was both weigh in day and rest for me too. Squatted on the scale and I saw 169.4lbs [Another standing gave me 170lbs] I decided to stick with the lesser. There is a saying that "every woman loves to be weighed and be found wanting".

Yesterday was rest day and it was also my IF day, and beyond my expectation, I was so full of energy. At dinner I ate like this:

- 2 cups of mixed fruits
- 33cl Yogurt + a handful of peanuts (10g)
- 0.5 cup rice + 3 slices plantain + fish + beef

(I felt so filled after, I have not checked the calories yet but I am sure to be as under and wanting as possible)

A new BLC week starts for me yesterday and today I will be doing my TNT, it's yoga moves.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day 108 Update: 10 Things on my Mind

Hi there,

Today is the end of another week and how time flies and waits for no one. What can I say? It had been an awesome week for me and very busy too.

The internet had been the worst in my office since the millennium, lol. I seemed to underestimate how much my life revolves around the web [I hate to think that way, but it's the truth], it looks like not able to browse makes me cranky and anxious too.

Anyways, I had to recharge the phone so that I can do my stuff on the mobile [thank God]. I am still owing someone anyways...

All in my mind, I have decided to be as positive as I can be this year because I know in it lies my success with everything I put my mind to do. I want to be positive not only about what I plan to do, but even about others, those around me,
- a mind that they are not here to harm me;
- a mind that I can talk to them about ME;
- a mind that God had brought them my way that I may or they may influence me positively;
- a mind that I can get it when I really want it;
- a mind that is no more scared of doctors;
- a mind that I will be the best in my job;
- a mind that I will get to my goal weight this year 2015;
- a mind that an extra reps/set in my workout will hurt no one
- a mind that a little time without food will hurt no one
- a mind that prays in the positive and leaving it there;

I am even being the luckiest by becoming a part of BLC 27. Acting positively, I was placed on a team I really loved and the general theme for this round is THINKING POSITIVE.

I believe that breakthrough [talking like a Nigerian] I am looking forward to is this year of positivity [I hope there's a word like that] will get to me with these 10 things on mind.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 103 Update: 4 Weeks Challenge

I am starting a challenge today and I think I started on a good note. Mood is good and food was on point.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Day 102 Update: 10+ Minutes Streak continues...

"Hit Like if you did at least 10 minutes of fitness today or took any other steps to reach your goals! 50 for me. Today's highlight was mini-trampoline. What was your highlight? -- SparkGuy"

The above are the daily words of Chris Downie on Facebook to engage us all on the daily fitness goals we might have set.

For me yesterday marks the continuation of the 100 days streak, I completed last year. I am continuing on a slightly different note this time around. I am counting only the days when I do a physical activity that can meet the requirements of a workout. I hope to be as consistent as possible.

I was on a familiarization tour with my Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor this morning. I am doing my best but I am still not getting it yet.

This morning was the first workout with Chalene Johnson on Turbo Jam. Learning the basics with

"learn & burn". I am still trying to get the moves but I am already in love with Chalene Johnson. I am still wondering how she maintains a calm voice even while working out so hard. We shall surely get there.
It is rather cold in here today and I feel so sleepy even as I write the blog.
Catch you later. (Later Lunch)

Friday, January 2, 2015

Weigh In

Hi friends,

I have two bathroom scales in the house. One is digital and the other is the regular analog scale, over the years I have weighed some definite weights (like dumbbells) to confirm their accuracy. I have also found out that they are very okay. 

Today, I decided to weigh in and one says 79kg while the other (digital) says 171.6lbs (77.8kg). Do you think they are trying to say the same thing? If that is it then I am sure I am making some good good progress.

I think I will keep on with this method till I get to my goal weight. I am starting to incorporate some good workouts from tonight.

Success is mine.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


To all my blog readers and commentators 2014 I love you and wish you a prosperous 2015

I desire you comment on whatever you feel after reading my blogs this year. I will truly appreciate it. I will try to make the blogs more open for comment. It is a year of ACHIEVERS