Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weathers and Exercising

There are various seasons all over the world and they so differ even as our location differs. Each of the seasons comes with a weather and of course they are useful for different purposes and also act as an indicator for various things to do. For example, some are very good for planting why some indicate the time for harvest.

In Nigeria we have 2 major seasons i.e. the dry season and the wet/rainy season. There are still some slight differences between the southern and the northern part of the country, [I am so in-between the two parts, some parts of my state tend more to the north and some part has all the characteristics of the south]. I will do a small analysis:

Southern Nigerian Seasons:
 - The Long Rainy Season - This starts in March and ends in July with a peak in June and can be excessively wet in some areas deep south
- The Short Dry Season - This happens within a short period of 3-4 weeks in the month of August [August Break].
- The Short Rainy Season - This period follows the "August Break" i.e. from early September to mid-October. This period is not always as heavy as the long rainy season.
- The Long Dry Season - This period starts from late October and lasts to early March with peak dry conditions between early December and late February. The period witnesses the prevailing influences of the dry and dusty north-east winds, as well as the 'harmattan' conditions.

The rainy season of Nigeria brings in cooler weather to the country as a result of an increased cloud cover that acts as a blockage to the intense sunshine of the tropics by blocking much of the suns rays in the rainy season; this in turn cools the land, and the winds above the ground remains cool thereby making for cooler temperatures during the rainy season. But afternoons in the rainy season can be hot and humid, a feature of tropical climates.

The dry season of Nigeria is a period of little cloud cover in the southern part of Nigeria to virtually no cloud cover in the northern part of Nigeria. The sun shines through the atmosphere with little obstructions from the clear skies making the dry season in Nigeria a period of warm weather conditions. In the middle of the dry season around December, a dusty wind from the Sahara Desert called the harmattan enters Nigeria from the northeastern part of the country blocking sun rays partially from shining and also creating haze in the atmosphere, this activities of the wind lowers temperatures considerably saving inhabitants for sometime, from the scorching heat that would have occurred as a result of clearer skies during the dry season. But with the withdrawal of this wind around March to April following the onset of the rainy season, temperatures can go as high as 44 °C (111.2 °F) in some parts of Nigeria [culled from Wikipedia]

I realized that I personally lose weight more during the rainy seasons because I exercise well under a cool condition and not when the weather is hot. The humidity is higher at some point and I have realized that my morale is automatically lower.

Exercise is more sweaty and tiring when the weather is hot. I love the cooler weathers and the highest I could do is to utilize it well while it lasts. I think the hot muscle uses more energy working than the cooler one, not sure of that. But I naturally feel a little more tired when the weather is hotter. I am really thinking of getting a fan [just for workouts] so that I can get in more minutes during the humid weathers and I will not be jeopardized for any reason. Or shift my entire exercise routine to morning time.

Last night was one of such hot days but I still got 70 minutes in which was an achievement.

I was like this when I finished:

How does your weather affect your workouts?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Au Naturale

Next month (April), it will be exactly one year since I did a relaxer touch to my hair. Right now, I can prove:

- the half inch hair growth per month,
- the black hair grows,
- the black hair responds to treatment
- the thickness and volume of the black hair is simply incomparable


- I could not grow my edges as I desired [so scanty and damaged] - that was the reason I was transitioning in the first place.
- I realized the best way to repair my edges is to simply leave and reduce manipulations to the barest minimum.
- I have a 4c type hair that cannot be left or combed without a protective style.
- *Transitioning had been so difficult and time consuming for me*
- The gray hairs [hereditary] seemed to be multiplying by the hour, I know it had always been there but always less emphasized when it is relaxed.
- I think black hair is costlier to maintain in its natural state. Yes it is, especially when it is not covered the most part of the day.

* The time consuming part is what constitute the major challenge that is making me reconsider my decision now*.

I am really thinking of starting to texlax my hair to sustain the volume and thickness.

If you had tread this path before? How did you handle it?

Weight Loss Challenges

I woke up and felt like weighing myself yesterday and voila 162.6lbs = 73kg

That is a 15-pounds-loss since 27th December, 2014 when I started to be "different". I had really gone from good to better and I am on my way to "best". I have lost weight and it is looking so evident right now. (I will post my pictures, I am still searching for a good "before")

This little success did not come without some "little" challenges. Unfortunately, I was armed and ready for them; I was so surprised that the 'challenges' could spur me to become even more determined to get to my goals. One of them was "it is okay like this you can stop now".

An Aunty (fitspiration) who had lost weight had once reacted on Facebook, she said and I paraphrased "Don't tell me to STOP because you never warned me to stop when I was on the unhealthy path". 

I agree with those words, people don't warn you to stop growing fat and out of shape, this is what they do:

1. They hide in a corner and laugh their hearts out especially when you fall in love with a shirt labelled M... [duh]

2. They say "you are looking fresh and enjoying yourself these days" .... [I wish]

3. They flaunt themselves and tell you "I am so skinny and I know I am a chopstick"... [I hope they know better]

4. Then the words "Big, Bold and Beautiful"...
[I love those words too but I will absorb them only when I am leading a healthy life and not eating what I don't need]

5. When you say "I am FAT" [so that the reality of it dawns on you], they either keep mute because they know their impressions maybe offensive or they tone it down for you and say "not to worry, it's the gene or you are not that fat or you are simply on the BIG side or it's only your {a part of your body}that is big"....
[Never you be deceived by those words].

Right I love what I am seeing i.e. a smaller me, a health-conscious me, a more active me and a bolder me.

The beauty of it all is that I did not cut out anything, I only decided to start adding healthy stuff and more importantly reduce what I eat in a DAY.

I believe that this is a life I can sustain for a long time and I am ready to do it. I have faith in God who owns my body and gave it to me to function with and take proper care of it too.

Someone said "it is better for it to be WORN OUT than for it to RUST OUT.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Day 142 Update: Workout Plan

In my search, I eventually found something I can work with. It is a workout plan that gives enough rest and cardio/strength training in the correct frequency. I need all the discipline to be consistent till month end.

I have re-started my streak yesterday [my streak involves only the days I do at least 10 minutes of intentional exercise].

Find below the plan for the remaining part of the month. Do not mind that this is for the month of January but I am using it for March.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Morale is Low

Hi everyone,

I had not come here in a while [I am truly sorry about this]. I promised to work on my blog in making it better but life got in the way [excuse from the programmer] and here I am with the same design and all.


Low Morale is what had been happening to me and I am sure I had not done any reasonable workout in a week today. I am not just feeling like it, nothing more...

Unlike way back when a rise on the scale is what kills my morale more. Not this time, I just feel bored with exercise and I seemed to always lose strength when I get home every night. I sleep more but my meals are on point and somehow healthy too. I am losing weight nicely and when there is a gain, it is so slight.

Par exemple, last Wednesday Weigh In was 164.6lbs, this week it's 165.2lbs [I took bread a day before the weigh in. My bread is only on weekends but I purged on Tuesday and the only thing to eat was dry bread].

I think I will keep posting my blog till the "IT guy" is able to help with the redesigning and arrangement of the blog [I want to meet the specifications of AdSense] I want to also make money on the internet, yaaay. It may not be much money but there is a gratification attached to it.

I will be reviewing my exercise and diet plans today, all things being equal. I want to March on in March and still lose some 5lbs if possible [Yes it is doable with the 26 days left].

While I get on my knees to start the race, I dare you to join me. I will post my plans tomorrow.