Saturday, January 2, 2016


I wish to call it "Limorange", I used 100% orange juice and 100% lime juice to give me that tangy/sweet taste of the lemon. The recipe below:

- 8 Lemons
- 250g sugar
- 500ml water

- 1 bowl
- 1 Juicer
- 1 small pan
- 1 wooden spoon

- Juice the lemons or like me juice enough oranges and lime and I used 2/3 cup lime + 1.5 cup of orange juice. (Use the lemons if you have it, it tastes better)
- Boil sugar and water, stir on a gentle boil, remove when sugar dissolves.
- Pour into the juice and stir
- Chill for half an hour
- Serve on rocks

My mom brought oranges for me yesterday and today being my recipe trial day, I tried this recipe AGAIN. I did it before with lemons, it tasted better. Lime are more concentrated than lemons, I added the orange to tone it down too.

Fresh from Farm Oranges

Limorange Drink

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