Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bucket List

Stuff (not all) I will love to achieve in the number of my days:

1. Live in Australia

2. Reach goal weight of 145lbs this year (2016) and maintain it for 52 weeks

3. Travel by flight within my country

4. Stay for at least 3 nights in an International Five Star Hotel with DH

5. Go to the CNN Broadcasting Station in the UK

6. Meet and take a selfie with 3 of my CNN journalist crush (Christiane Amanpour, Hala Gorani and Becky Anderson)

7. Sponsor and maybe follow my Mommy on an Holy Pilgrimage to Israel

8. Build a home with any choice kitchen design inspired by Houzz

9. Become a Chartered Secretary

10. A fresh degree.

11. Learn French and Spanish to a communicative level

12. Birth 3 kids and witness their weddings and nurse the grandkids

13. Get this blog to at least 1,000 views per day

14. Join a dance group and become a dancer (it's a side passion)

What is included in your list?

Monday, February 15, 2016

Product Review: I5 Smart Bracelet

I had a Fitbit activity tracker two years ago and it got lost never to be found again. I got a new tracker but not a Fitbit this time, it is called I5 Smart Bracelet. I realized there are hundreds of such activity trackers with no popular brand names that are out now for our use.
I ordered my own tracker from AliExpress at a cheap rate of about $20 (N6,000.00) approximately.
When it arrived in the mail, I sincerely did not know what to expect considering the cheapness of the product, I was preparing my mind for the worst ranging from a hyper-counting of my steps, to a faulty band, low battery etc.
But with over two weeks of consistent use, I had really been surprised and impressed.

1. Not different from the Fitbit I had 2 years back
2. Steps counting are almost near accurate (fitbit was not exact either)
3. It was not ambiguous
4. Battery life is quite reasonable (chargeable)
5. The color was just perfect for my skin.
6. There is a buzz feature that reminds you to stand to walk every 30 minutes then later hourly.
7. It vibrates when I reach my goal set (5,000 steps, 6,000 steps daily etc)

Positive Impression:
1. It is far more valuable than it's worth.
2. I could track my walk especially the fitness walks to DVDs.
3. I simply loved it 

Side Effects:
1. The buzz (vibration) gives me headaches, I don't know the rationale behind this but at each buzz the headache increases.
2. Number 1

I love this tracker and until I can get my hands on a FitBit Blaze (upcoming product from FitBit), I may not be missing out on anything.

Some of the facts I have learned while using this tracker:
1. Counting steps is better than counting minutes
2. Counting steps while walking is more than walk in place.
3. Walking videos like "Walk Away the Pounds" does not have the exact miles being counted. Often, when it says 1 mile, I have 0.7 miles on my tracker. Not really sure which is under-counting.
4. Distance walked depends solely on individual strides.

I hope you find this blog helpful?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Infused Water

I saw it, I prepared it, I took it and I loved it.

I always wanted something new in my recipes. This weekend I decided to try a drink I had always seen on online, after a long search I realized it is call "infused water" and there is also a special bottle for it although "mason jars" are more in use, for me, I am using a water bottle for a start till I lay my hands on other containers meant for that purpose.

The drink gets better with the days, you can drink the water and refill without throwing the fruits or veggies out.

My Recipe:
1 small orange (cut into small parts to enter the bottle, with or w/o the rinds, I prefer without)
3 leaves of basil or mint leaves (I did not shred, I tore each leaf for easy juice extraction)
 (Carrots, watermelon, cucumber, and other freggies as you would love it)

- Put all your ingredients in the water bottle
- Fill with water
- Close the bottle and leave in the refrigerator for 4 hours or leave overnight

So, if you easily get bored of plain water(I don't anyways), or you love adventure (like me) and you don't want the sugary drinks then this is for you. You can experiment with anything or check online for "infused water recipes", there are lots of infographics for your use.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Weigh-In Day - Keep Moving

Yesterday Wednesday, was my Challenge weigh in day (Mondays are my official weigh in day) and as I stood on the scale and the number 170.4lbs (77.4kg) was staring at me, I was rather unhappy and wondered what went wrong between Monday (167.4lbs) and Wednesday.

5 things happened:
1. New workout plan started on Monday
2. White Bread on Monday diet
3. Fried Plantains (4 slices) on Tuesday
4. Reduced steps on my tracker for Tuesday
5. Post TOM week

Some of the above could have been responsible for a 3lbs gain in three days. I was sad because of this but I did not allow it to dampen my morale to stop moving forward.

Irrespective of what happens on your weight loss journey especially when it is negative e.g. a binge week, a gain or a workout rut, you have to tell your mind that there is another opportunity to be the best. Do not over-flog the issue and be in despair, just brace up and know that you can do it. It's within this ups and downs that lies your success, one day you will definitely come out as a weight loss story but before then, there are lots of struggles and disappointments to meddle with as you move to the top of the ladder.

I have studied my body enough to know what works for it and patience is the key to my success. I have to be as patient as possible with my body and I need to do the right things to it for the weigh in days to be happy days. Some (10) facts about my body:

- I speedily gain weight on white bread 

- Late dinners make me weigh more in the morning

- Early/Light/No Dinner gives me unbelievable weight loss (it maybe water weight though)

- Low numbers close to TOM, high numbers the week after TOM

- White Carbs cravings during TOM and fertile days

- Intermittent Fasting earns me consistent weight loss

- Light/No Dinner(s) reduces my waist

- I react to a new workout plan (it maybe a gain or a drastic loss)

- More than 250 minutes of vigorous exercise with good portion control earns me consistent weight loss

- Boredom than any other emotion, makes me binge heavily.

There are more facts about me but what I have to do is to study this body within this week and feed it with what works and drop what doesn't work. 

There is no one-size-fits-all and that is why you have to become a scientist on your weight loss journey. Take the time to study your body and experiment with it.

What fact did you find out about your body lately, what experiment are you on?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Valentine's Month Walking for Love

The first month tagged #ProjectScaleDown was a huge success, save three days within the 31 days when I was down with flu I worked out every single day and I had a 4.2lbs loss to show for it, if I lost 4.2lbs consistently for 12 months I would be 50.4lbs less by December and trust me that is way beyond my weight goal of 145lbs. 

I followed all the instructions as I spelled them out in my first blog this year and I am reaping it's benefits because the scale is going down.

This is February, the month of love and I will love to give some love to this body. No stress, just some walking comfort for my body. I am intending to walk this month, 6 days in a week till I can attain 10,000 steps per day i.e. 5 miles approximately.

I have my calendar designed and ready to be executed just like I did in January

I have concluded tagging this year's challenges as #ProjectScaleDown, this is the hashtag you will follow on twitter and then the mini hashtag defines the month.

For February I call it #WalkingChallenge and I intended to use the same schedule as The MyFitnessPal 30 Day Walking Challenge by Leslie Sansone.

The tips and tricks for this challenge.
1. Get a tracker in place (I just got myself one, I will do the review soon);
2. Do the workout first thing in the morning;
3. Three core exercises, three days a week;
4. Dehydrate while walking;
5. Exercise must be continuous walk/minutes for at least 10 minutes at a time;
6. Follow me on twitter for daily updates;
7. Walk the steps or walk the minutes, whichever is convenient.

Topping the month of February and Love with some icing, it's my wedding anniversary, yaay and I will love to look good for the day (7 years and still counting)

The challenge as seen above is to walk the number of steps or it's equivalent in minutes (forgive some typos on the steps).

If you wish to join in the challenge, tag  #ProjectScaleDown or #WalkingChallenge and let me know what you are doing.

I weighed in at 167.4lbs this morning.