Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Week 4 Weigh in: 170.2lbs

I had an 0.4lbs weight gain between last week and today. I am not surprised because "it's not possible to keep doing the same things and expecting different results".

All my plans to take my workout up a notch last week was forfeited by some factors beyond my control, "weather" (over 37 degrees celcius and over 27 at night). I hate making excuses but I seemed to be very helpless at this point, the scotching sun during the day and the humidity at night is quite overbearing.

According to a previous plan, I intended utilizing the mornings but they are as equally humid as the nights too. The effects of all these is low morale and total body debility and I don't feel encouraged to do anything.

It looks to me that my mind is not working neither is my body. I am presently on intermittent fasting and I am consistent with it, but I also think I eat too much while breaking the fast and it is really jeopardizing my efforts of the fasted periods.

I have decided to pray about it, I need God to help me lose weight, I know He is interested in my well being and He is has promised to answer if I believe (I am not joking about this).

All that said, below is my chart for the month of March both for Intermittent Fasting and Weekly Exercises:

But there is a success in these all, my clothes are much loser and that gives me some gratification.

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