Thursday, April 28, 2016

Weight loss Success Story

As I sat down on my chair today and in a brief moment I was thinking of when my weight loss journey started some 6 years ago. I was a field worker for my organization and trust me I was not enjoying my job then, I felt cheated everyday when I got to work because of some "discrepancies" in posting of staff members and my assumed lopsidedness in the treatment field workers were getting.

Also, I was not really a happy person because of some challenges I faced as a newly-wed and trying to even understand the relationship that I was really working hard to be the best at.

One day I was on the field and I came face to face with my most dreadful equipment then "a scale". Before then I never wanted to know what my weight was because I was really scared I might have to face some realities of a pending health issue or something close. Well, that day my colleague on the field persuaded me (he has a really small structure) to check since it wouldn't hurt to know. 

I climbed the scale and voila (despite I had not taken breakfast), I was hit with a number that threw me off balance and made even more sad. I weighed 90kg (198lbs).

At an occasion 

I felt really bad and disorganized, I got home and told DH about it. I checked myself in the mirror but what I saw was a beautiful lady trying to live, be satisfied and happy. I did not see anything bad about my figure but if the number on that scale was correct then, I need to do something fast for the sake of my health. I never wanted to start treating a disease at that my young age and so I moved into action.

I started doing what I could in my own little way just to make sure I started living healthy, some resolutions helped me:

  1. I will not buy soda (or other processed drinks) with my own money ever again and if someone buys for me, I will take just a cup full.
  2. Unnecessary use of raw white sugar was totally stopped
  3. Meal plans became a must
  4. Tracking anything that enters my mouth including water (I had a book journal and was also encouraged to do it online with a Nigerian site, Nairaland)
  5. 6 days of the week was dedicated to focused exercising. I was running consistently.
  6. Reduced the portion of anything I had been eating by half.
  7. No forbidden foods in my resolution just portion control.
  8. A strong desire and determination to be healthy and if I lose weight, it's a bonus for me.
Was there result?
The same suit.
Yes I lost weight and I started feeling better with myself. Others started calling my attention to my beauty and I felt really proud that I could do this for myself. I knew that if I can do this then I could do anything that I put my mind to do and well too. The healthy resolutions are still intact and I have added more over the years. 

I did calculate my weight loss between 2010 and today, I have 30lbs difference under my belt, 

I am also a SUCCESS STORY. 

I am on this journey for the long run and despite I have not gotten to my weight loss goal, I am nearer to it than when I started. 

With this post today, I am even more determined to get to my goal weight of 65kg/145lbs. Although there had been ups and downs on this journey but I never got back to where I was 6 years back.  I never did a yoyo dieting or look for a shortcut to get to where I am going, I am resolved to take the long but permanent route. It is not easy but it's worth it and I am proud.

I will see you all at the top of the ladder.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Week 7 Weigh in: 168lbs

My weigh in today looks well and with such small loss (0.2), it is a movement towards the right direction. The retreat had not allow my routine to be back to normal but I am focusing on my diet more. I intermittent fast everyday, a 14:10 pattern i.e. 14 hours fast and a 10 hours eating window.

Let's speak more about food fast, for 40 days we had been involved in a 19:5 fasting pattern (spiritual exercise), and I may say I am reaping some benefits both physical and spiritual. I wasn't 100% faithful like DH was but I did up to 65% of the fast. I really learnt a whole lot of stuff about myself and hunger during these fasted periods, I will highlight a few:

  • Intermittent fast or what I call "short term" hunger cannot kill me or anyone.
  • I am well able to exercise in the morning fasted hours than when I break the fast at night, when I tend to be weaker.
  • Hunger pangs bite hardest into me between the hours of 10am and 1pm. After these 3 hours I don't feel a thing again till 8pm.
  • For days when I will do water fast, I drink the first water between 12 noon and 1pm and I am good till eating hour by 5pm.
  • When I plan my meals ahead, I will not overeat during the breaking of the fast. If not I binge at night on every food in sight.
  • I love to fast with my own initiative and done my own way or as the spirit leads me. Assigned fasting doesn't work well for me.
  • I tried 24 hours fasting before and it brought some instant results, it was a breakfast to breakfast.
  • Fasting works for weight loss for me when I add consistent exercise to it.

Now that the assigned fasting is over, I wish to have this as my eating plan for the next one week i.e a 14:10 fasting/5x, a 24 hours fasting/1x, 18:6 fasting/1x. I will be starting tomorrow, let us see what effect this has on the scale by next week Wednesday weigh in.

My exercise schedule is still on i.e. walking/jogging in place and thank God the weather is getting better both in the mornings and nights, the afternoons are still unbearably humid. I hope we will have some good showers soon. My exercise room was nicely decluttered over the weekend, I will write about that soon.

Food had been good with very few episodes of overeating after fast. I know I will surely get there sooner than later.

What is your recent weigh in like friends?

Friday, April 22, 2016

Personal Retreat

I have been AWOL for a week, I went on a retreat.

The Nigerian Baptist Convention (which I proudly belong) had it's Convention in session between Saturday 16th April, 2016 to 21st April, 2016. It was mandatory to be in attendance because of some important roles myself and DH were playing. That aside it was a very rear opportunity to be alone with God and learn at His feet.

It was a good time to retreat and pray to God almighty who can do every impossible. The theme for this year's Annual Convention is Moving Forward: Working Out our Salvation with Fear and Trembling, it was a program filled with teachings, sermons, prayers of intercession, petitions etc. I was richly blessed and I would not have forgiven myself if I did not put my all into this.

The essence of today's post is the benefits that accrues from having a personal retreat. Retreat in a simple term is "withdrawal or a draw back" it is mostly used in the army. A retreat is often carried out because of an enemy in battle or a greater force is advancing, it is a time to get back to the drawing board and map out new strategies to either face the battle headlong or surrender totally.

A retreat is very essential for any life to be fit either physically or spiritually. It enables the mind to come back bigger and better and permit me to say it is a great necessity for every life that will matter to retreat at a good time.

Some of the benefits to retreating as I have experienced it:

- You are able to take an audit of your present life, considering where you are coming from, being and going.

- You are able to go back to the drawing board and identify your failures and successes

- You are able to have a ME time uninterrupted 

- You will leave that busy lane of life to be quiet within yourself and connect with yourself.

- You are able to analyse new strategies to be able to improve your weaknesses and celebrate your strength.

- If it's spiritual, you learn from your Creator (God) and pray to Him for help to be a better you.

- It is also a time to pamper yourself. Leave that routine life and splurge a bit.

I enjoyed every moment and I came out stronger, I practically forgot all challenges in my life and I became lighter. After the retreat (reality) I became bolder to face and deal with those challenges and there is a satisfaction within my soul.

I will recommend this should be done at least once a year for everyone who wants to make impact in life. 

I am sorry that I could not post my weigh in on Wednesday (you know the reason now). I look forward to another time like this soon

Monday, April 18, 2016

Motivation Monday


Motivation Mondays on my blog will be about featuring personalities who had done extra to achieve their goals in life. It is all about the extra steps towards being better at issues they are passionate about and ready to do all what it takes to be best at it.


I intended bringing on people who have experienced success in their weight loss journey and other journeys in life to this blog but I somehow realized people are a bit skeptical about appearing online and for God's sake I understand that quite well because I personally will have reservations on being featured anywhere in a public blog.

Anyways I contacted a friend and she obliged but not without some restrictions. You can only get to  know about her and her journey if you will follow her on IG and support her blog on Sparkpeople.

This lady had been so much of an inspiration to my journey through life and especially the determination to lose weight and be healthy. I know she has a story which is right there in her pictures, get in touch with her for more.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Week 6 Weigh in: 168.2lbs

168.2lbs flashed me yesterday on the scale. It's a relief since I have not had a number this low in the past 12 weeks of my Wednesday Weigh in. I tried to do all that is in my power to exercise throughout this week (as promised in the last post), though not the expected minutes. I have strongly decided not to make excuses nor complain anymore (as Nia advised in her blog), I am going to shut up and do something.

I love to plan whenever I can and this in turn helps batch cooking which also eases me off every wrong choice in meals, unhealthy snacking, binge eating, exercise rut and overeating as the case maybe. 

Now I really wonder why we don't plan to plan???

The place of proper planning cannot be over-emphasized in any weight loss journey. 
When you plan:

  • You will likely have extra time on your hands to rest or have some ME time
  • You make your exercise sessions an appointment that must not be disappointed
  • You will save a lot of money because the plan helps you buy only what you need
  • You will most likely eat a balanced diet because you have an idea of what is coming
  • You become highly productive when you can rest and so brainstorming on other issues is easy
  • Your body, after all the above will be in the best mode to lose the excess weight.

Things needed for planning:

  1. A journal
  2. A pen
  3. Online journal (optional)
  4. An hour a week for the planning
  5. A day to get the needed groceries done and batch cooking if required
  6. A Will to follow through with the plans
I have been on intermittent fasting for the past 39 days and I will be ending it tomorrow being Day 40, but I intend to continue with a new plan of IF and follow through. I did not lose much weight in these past days because I did not plan my meals and snacking well. No matter how good the exercise plan is if the diet is bad there will not be a single weight change on the scale (although I checked with my clothes which are loser and looking at the mirror shows some difference in my face and body).
2nd day of fast

What weight loss success have you made lately? Do you plan?

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Week 5 Weigh in: 169.2lbs

Good day good people, I almost forgot to write about my weigh in this week. 

I felt a little better this week because there is a reward for my consistency. I had a pound loss over the scale and it makes me feel nice and ready to continue with my present workout/food schedule.

The weather (my last week's excuse) is getting better with some showers in between but much more, I think I felt more determined to do THIS. I had been running indoors (how possible could that be) and it had worked, as evident on the scale and also my heart rate monitor. 

pop sugar

After some more researches, I will talk about exercising indoors and all the benefits attached to it in another post soon.

I love a mantra that reads "if plan A is not working, there are 25 more alphabets between A and Z" meaning that I just had to stop making unnecessary excuses and move on. After some pep talk, I told myself I am on a weight loss journey and it is no good news that I keep merry-go-rounding the same spot for the past 6 years, it is more like a step forward and 2 steps backward. So this past week I made a change AGAIN, I just decided in my mind to try do this and I hope it works this time.

I weighed in at 169.2lbs this week and I desire to see less of this next week despite the fact that it's TOM. I will be watching my diet this week (no appetite for 3 days now) and maintain a low calorie but high in protein and fats since intermittent fasting is still on.

I love my body and I have promised to do the best to keep it in shape while I can. Our bodies houses our souls and when not properly managed, it will jeopardize it's efficiency and effectiveness. I want this body of mine to last me longer and be strong all the way, I cannot afford to be careless or nonchalant, the body needs trimming to be fit and capable.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Recurrent Aural Vertigo a.k.a Meniere's Disease

On the 3rd of November 2015, I woke up as usual doing my daily routine of house chores. I did not eat because I intended engaging in a fast that day. I got to work early and around 9am I was summoned by my boss, as I entered the office, a dizzy feeling came upon me and I had to lean on the nearest object so I don't fall. I went back to my office and I attributed that to an empty stomach. I took two glasses of water then ate breakfast and I was fine. I went about my daily business and the second day Wednesday 4th, I experienced the same thing. I took permission from DH and I closed from work to rest at home but this time the whirling did not stop.

On the morning of Thursday 5th, I could not turn my head without whirling (of course it was later I realized it was in my head), I took an excuse from work and I had to visit a laboratory to do some necessary tests to be sure I was fine and every result came out with good numbers i.e. blood count, blood pressure, sugar fasting and even a PT.

I was given some blood tonic and capsules but by the time it was night, I had an overwhelming feeling of nausea. I did not vomit though.

Friday 6th, I could hardly stand on my two feet without the fear of falling, I went straight to the clinic. I was diagnosed with vertigo but what is responsible for the vertigo and then another round of blood work. By this time anything I consumed found it's way out of my mouth.

A sister in law who is a professional nursing officer, called and told me that with all the symptoms, it seemed I had MENIERE'S DISEASE. That was the very first time I heard that name and I broke into tears even when I had little or no knowledge of what it was, the fact that was a strange name also shows it's a strange illness.

Well, Meniere's Disease is a disorder in the inner ear. I define it as the shaking of a fluid within the inner ear, this fluid and three small bones called "cochlea" are the major organs responsible for balance of the human body. So when the above are displaced, there are episodes of vertigo (spinning) and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). It could also be the swelling of the inner ear and thereby displacing the these cochlea and the fluid too, I advise you browse and do more research. I may not know what was happening in there but the symptoms were not hidden:

  • Overwhelming spinning feeling/lightheadedness 
  • Feeling of nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Ringing in the ears
  • High pitched sounds doubled in my ears
  • Unable to walk straight without a feeling of falling
  • Extra efforts to fix eyes on images
  • I had a little problem identifying objects immediately too

The above were the symptoms I had, it is possible there are some differences. (The general feeling is what happens to you after dropping from a merry-go-round and trying to walk)

Causes of this illness is really unknown, although some school of thought says it is a reaction to some drugs, head injury and ear injury. For me, I am not sure I was in any of these categories, mine should be unknown, lol (spiritual maybe)

There is no cure yet for Meniere's Disease, but there are several home remedies that could suppress the symptoms:

  • Do not walk in the dark
  • Rest as much as possible
  • Avoid salty foods
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine of any kind
  • Avoid any sudden/swift movement
  • Stand with your two feet firm on the ground

Good news is I became better after 1 month and fully recovered after two months after spending so much to medical practitioners who may know little about this disorder. My SIL was the best of all and I am grateful to God for her, she was the that prescribed me STUGERON 

On severe cases of this illness, diuretics are prescribed so that the water in the body is reduced thereby reducing the fluid in the inner ear too.

Surgery is also recommended at the height of it all, injections are also used for some treatments in the ear. I did not have to go through all these before I recovered and I believe through divine intervention I will never experience a recurrence. It was not a palatable experience.

Feeling better and thankful at Xmas