Monday, April 18, 2016

Motivation Monday


Motivation Mondays on my blog will be about featuring personalities who had done extra to achieve their goals in life. It is all about the extra steps towards being better at issues they are passionate about and ready to do all what it takes to be best at it.


I intended bringing on people who have experienced success in their weight loss journey and other journeys in life to this blog but I somehow realized people are a bit skeptical about appearing online and for God's sake I understand that quite well because I personally will have reservations on being featured anywhere in a public blog.

Anyways I contacted a friend and she obliged but not without some restrictions. You can only get to  know about her and her journey if you will follow her on IG and support her blog on Sparkpeople.

This lady had been so much of an inspiration to my journey through life and especially the determination to lose weight and be healthy. I know she has a story which is right there in her pictures, get in touch with her for more.


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