Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Giveaway - Part 2

I am giving this away so you can have some bonus to browse my page, lol. I am not having you do anything before winning this giveaway (except you get here first) but I will desire that you comment on this page what your favorite post is on my blog, I trust you will do this.

2237-0344-8012-8333 (Airtel) 

531-5643-4632-4729 (Glo)

5615-3442-1687-5507 (MTN)

4190-3357-3701-899 (Etisalat)

Above are airtime of different networks as giveaways, (Nigerians ONLY)

I am proudly announcing to you that your comment will qualify you for something bigger soon. Watch Out for it!


  1. Thanks a bunch I got the N100.00 Airtel [2237-0344-8012-8333].

    Keep up the good work