Saturday, November 26, 2016


Cleanliness is next to godliness” [being clean is a sign of spiritual purity] is an English Idiom, this means that if you are living a right life it should reflect in your level of organization and cleanliness on your body, home, office space etc 

What I have realized is that nobody is dirty [you might disagree with me], it’s the secret to permanence of cleanliness that is lost. Let me ask this, is there anyone who doesn’t take care of a place within the home or his/her body on a daily basis? None! So the fact that a home looks unkempt sure doesn’t make a person dirty [except when perpetually so], there are a thousand and one reasons responsible for this.

I have some reasons that normally inform the level of our cleanliness:
  • Habits formed while growing up – if parents are not meticulous about cleanliness, kids won’t.
  • Experience – From experience, some people have learnt to be clean or dirty as the case maybe.
  • Time – Availability of time may just be all what some need to be neat and have a better arranged home
  • Level of irritability – people are irritated by different things, some people’s irritation led to their becoming dirtier because they just find it hard to touch/clean that dirty place [it’s only clusters that get me irritated, I mean cluster of anything including people] or it could make them cleaner.
  • Inborn – I don’t want to agree with this but, for the people that I had met and it looks like it’s in their gene I think what is actually in them is the inability to be idle. They cannot just sit down doing nothing and so they clean everywhere just to keep busy.
  • Impression – some people are clean just to give an impression maybe because of something they’ve said somewhere in a way of boast. For me I hate to put my house in too much orderliness because someone is coming, I always feel I am lying [maybe it’s a wrong approach, but that’s me]. If my home is clean, then I did it just for ME.
  • Sensitivity to germs – some people are really so scared of disease caused by dirt and thus are sensitive or on the other way round some don’t just believe that dirt could harm.
  • Lack of organization – some homes/bodies are not dirty, what it lacks is proper organization. It will almost boil down to the same thing if a clean home is not de-cluttered.
  • Psychological illness – some people are actually sick; I know of a woman who would not touch a mail because she is scared of germs. Or a woman who washed her hands with warm water always till the hands scalded yet she did not stop. And a parent who refused her little kid to mix with others because she’s scared she might contact something in the air.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Week 37 Weigh-in: Thanksgiving

 “Blessed be the name of God, forever and ever. He knows all, does all: He changes the seasons and guides history, He raises up kings and also brings them down, he provides both intelligence and discernment, He opens up the depths, tells secrets, sees in the dark – light spills out of him! God of all my ancestors, all thanks! All praise! You made me wise and strong. And now you’ve shown us what we ask for….”

The above were the words of Daniel when the Lord answered a prayer and I am also thankful with the above words today because God had kept me. [Daniel 2:20-23]

I am thankful for life and living

I am thankful that I know Christ as Lord and guide

I am thankful for my cute little family

I am thankful for sustenance

I am thankful for multiple miracles that had made me give testimonies before men this year

I am thankful for my mom (good health), my siblings and my in-laws

I am thankful for my nephews and nieces

I am thankful for my job

I am thankful for good health

I am thankful for weight loss, fitness and wellness

I am thankful for colleagues and friends [both real and virtual]

I am thankful that I can dance and I will keep dancing [as I do today]

I am thankful for a great body that God alone gave [God made it easy for me to carry]

I am thankful for the grace to maintain that body.

Friends, I have a lot to be thankful for today and always. Are you?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Better late than never. I was not feeling too good posting anything on Wednesday after the weigh in because I was up not just a bit, I was up a lot at 168lbs [It's a number I had not seen in a while] as against the last weigh in of 164.6lbs . I think it's stress which of course led to some episodes of overeating and lack of exercise.

I did travel out on a road trip to an event last weekend and of course sitting for long hours of inactivity and the mental stress of the rough roads too (Naija for you). The mental stress contributed to my inability to even lift a finger in my exercise room.

Nutrition is very important in every weight loss journey, as good as it could be when done right it could jeopardize all good intentioned efforts when done badly. No wonder someone did say "abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym", this is a true statement because I saw better results when I paid closer attention to my meals. Do I dare to ask this question today, what makes your nutrition on a daily basis? Are they stuff that makes you or mar you? Are they regrettable choices or those you will adhere to long-term?

Nutrients are essential for the body and should be taken in the correct proportions to make it work properly for the body and not become a toxin. You should not be brought under the command of food for any reason, I mean either emotional or physical reason. There could be a reason for eating under some emotional troubles but we should always remember that the emotions will soon go away [whether we find solutions to it or not] but fat deposits don't go away. They stay to taunt us and eventually make us unhealthy.

Our relationship with food should be based on what it's originator [God] made it for, SUSTENANCE. Anything other the desire to eat to have strength in order to fulfill purpose is wrong and would hurt someday. I love food a lot [I am never in denial of this neither do I pretend about it] and I love good food, properly prepared and sweetly presented [not really a good cook though, I only try my best] but I have strong control over food too, I do have a slow metabolism [never my making] and I am fully aware of this and ready to fight it. I don't have to be slim or get my numbers into the 130s but I strongly desire to be healthy at whatever weight that I am in based on the effect of healthy choices and lifestyle.

It is interesting to note that you can actually make do with less food than what you are taking right now [I knew that sometimes ago], if you are consistent with nutrient dense foods you will realize that you fill faster and longer. Even if it eventually becomes bigger when you become more comfortable with your lifestyle, you will know better how to shuffle between living healthy with good portions and having your treats. 

As a beginner in a healthy lifestyle, I will advise not to abhor any food or tag any food "taboo" but I will rather you have your portions controlled first then  with time you understand better what is good for you and those to be labelled "abominable" I have them and I still take them e.g. coca cola but I have come to the level that whenever I allow myself to drink a bottle of coke, I do it without guilt and I move on.

Some facts to watch out for as you decide to do it right this week.

1. Stress can lead to overeating and overeating can lead to stress.

2. Friends and family can unintentionally contribute to poor nutrition

3. It is not correct to classify any food as good or bad

4. Mind over matter, this means guiding your thoughts whenever you want to eat anything.

5. Stop using food to fill a gap in your heart. It doesn't work.

This is a short post as I am still posting about my weigh-in and challenges tomorrow. I hope the weight is favorable.

Keep on 'Keepin on

Monday, November 14, 2016


It could be funny that I normally get inspirations through some routines on a daily basis like when I am taking my bathe, during my morning meditations and when I am doing strength training. Today, the word accountabilibuddy dropped [I have heard the word before, though]. 

Accountabilibuddy simply means an accountability buddy. To be accountable in the first place is the ability to be answerable or responsible for an action, it is the will to justify an action or a decision taken. It is that state of not excusing a flaw either it was caused by the culprit or an external force. 

To be successful on this weight loss and healthy living lifestyle [even in life], one needs to be accountable for whatever happens. Don't be quick to put blame on others, when you accept the blame, you are being accountable and it is easier to make the right choices the next time such scenario occurs because you don't want to feel guilty anymore. I have heard a dozen blame trading on why some people are careless with their choices of food and lifestyle just because they are not ready to be accountable; I had such unreasonable excuses too in the past to live wrong, like...

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Week 35 Weigh-in: Consistency

As I did yoga (Wednesday exercise) this morning, and looking forward to a favourable weigh in, "consistency" came to mind on a topic to speak about. I think the ease by which I slide into some yoga poses brought this to mind. 

Consistency is a pattern, a compatibility, lack of deviation, a uniformity that defines anything ranging from behaviours to substances. Doing a particular thing with so much steadiness and constancy without slacking.

If weight loss is going to be meaningful then consistency must be the watch word. When exercise/diet is consistent, the weight loss becomes easier and new challenges/heights could be set. Meanwhile one of the major challenges even in life is actually becoming consistent with anything. Life gets in the way and there is a diversion which could in turn lead to deviation from any set goal.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Week 34 Weigh-in: REFOCUS

Weight loss journey can be as interesting and as boring, it can be as inspiring as it can be frustrating. It is the desire to keep moving no matter what, that brings the most success. I had been on this for the past 6 years and it is funny how many times I had to lose and regain those tiny pounds but somehow I am nearer to my goal weight now than ever before. Sometimes I lose weight rapidly, other times they come in tiny bits and some days it's like I woke up to gain 5lbs that will refuse to go away irrespective of what is done. In this long journey to great health, I have learnt to keep on keeping on even when the surrounding conditions doesn't permit it.