Thursday, June 8, 2017

June: My Goal Month

I told myself "I am back" in my last post but it would be one month in a few days and I am still not back, lol.

Sitting to write with a lot on your plate is actually impossible or rather not doable. I have embark on journeys one too many within the past month that I feel like a stranger among my folks these days. I mean the trips and all the learning attached with it had given me new orientation and fresh insight for life, living and my weight loss journey too.

On one of my trips, I caught a glimpse of a way of eating (WOE) called KETOGENIC. I have heard a lot about it since last year but I hated the whole idea of removing a whole food group just for the sake of loosing weight. I want to be healthy at any weight so fad diets don't appeal to me for any reason. Another reason ketogenic was having a bad rap with me was the fact I felt it's too expensive to maintain (I still feel it is). For the time of my life I hate any form of inconvenience, I am not a food addict either but I hate not having a liberty to choose. At a time I even joined a Facebook group where it helped beginners to have a grasp of the diet, I left when members keep behaving like cult members.

Anyways, fast forward to the end of May 2017, I invested in ingredients for a Ketogenic June.

I will share my experience and thoughts for the past one week in the next post.

May 2017

On a lighter note, I want to encourage my readers to travel out of base as often as you can/convenient. You know more, you learn more, you mix with people and share new ideas. It's majorly about sharing with new minds, they don't have to be the best minds, but the change makes the whole difference. You see the world, your world with new eyes and then the need to make plans for the next step, next project etc crops up to you. I love to do more trips before the year ends, I love the feeling. And maybe some fun too, (with Barney and friends, lol). Sorry for the poor picture quality, I was really far from the stage.

Barney, BJ and Baby Bop 

Exercise had taken a back stage for sometimes, just as I said I've been doing so much but like Arnold Schwarzenegger "I will be back".

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Hey friends and awesome readers, I had not been here in two months and it feels like forever right now. I have had a lot going on with me and I had been overwhelmed at some point and ready to give up but there is a desire and a drive from inside that wouldn't just let me.

I am amazing,

I am strong,

I can do anything,

Positivity is a choice and;

I am prepared to succeed.

There had been challenges here and there but I have learn to relax and watch on, some I stress myself over, others I leave to let them be, some I sleep over and others I discard them from inception. Read my post on Stress Management.

Right now I look good health wise because I had been fasting, it was the Lenten 40 days fasting that triggered fasting for weight loss for me and I really think I am enjoying every step in the way. I love the idea that my digestive system is not perpetually overloaded with work, trust me I am seeing changes, even PMS is given way. I know I will be in good health even as my soul prospers.

I am in the middle of some fasting trials and I am looking forward to the numerous benefits that some to those who fast. I love the feeling.

I am still working on my website (what you get when DH is the designer) and I hope to enter fully into writing without a pause. Since I will be giving the blog a greater attention, you will be seeing more of me and this journey towards my healthy goals.

I have a desire for June 2017 and one of it is to be under 160s, I mean that would be the first time in 15 years. This desire is strong within me and it is my present push. I am giving it all I've got and I know my body will not let me down.

I intend to:

  1. Do intermittent fasting continuously;
  2. Eat healthy - nutrition dense meals (do some Ketogenic compliance)
  3. Exercise consistently
  4. Believe in myself

I must keep doing the above (someone said, it's not good to speak too soon as you might lose the motivation) till I get it right and right well.

My weigh in last week Friday was 74.8 (my scale is less than 0.2) and I am building on that before I weigh myself officially again this Friday (I weigh based on my intuition during the week).

See more of you soon and keep on 'keepin on...

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Week 52 Weigh in

Today, I want to let you into one of my favorite recipes, so simple yet so exciting to the taste buds. My sister called it "yam pepper soup" to me it's my go to meal to heal and to celebrate.

- 3 habanero or scotch bonnet pepper

- Spices of choice at least 4 to your taste (I love my soup chilli and spicy)

- Protein 2 cups or as desired  (in small pieces includes and not limited to beef, chicken, oxtail - ponmon, tofu, fish - dried, iced or fresh. I have never used any plant protein except tofu)

- 1 cup diced yams

- 1 medium ball of onion 

- Scent leaves, 4 tbs shredded 

- Seasonings and salt to taste 

- 3 cups water

You could alter the measurements to suit your taste.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Week 51 Weigh-in: Don't Give up

This post is actually short and subtly pleading with myself not to give up.

I think I am attending to too many things at the same time and somehow it's taking a toll on my emotions. This week happen to be our wedding anniversary and I was elated by the way we were celebrated and for me to close the day immersing in the joy of the past years was a no-no because there was just too much to take care of
 around me [I don't want to complain because it's a duty].

I am sorry but this post is actually a ranting post. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Week 49 - 50 Weigh-in: FEEDBACK, NOT FAILURE

All news is good news.

Imagine walking on a rocky surface — maybe a beach, or a dry creek bed, or a hiking trail.

Some of the stones are stable and solid. If you step on them, they don’t move.

Some of the stones aren’t stable. They wiggle or tip when you step on them.

With every step you take, you are getting feedback about the path.
And you can use that immediate feedback to correct course as needed.

If you step on a rock, and it shifts, did you fail?


You just got important information about the next thing to do — try another rock.

You got feedback.........

Feedback is just information

It's data that you can use to make a decision.

Imagine yourself in a gym...... If you feel yourself leaning too much to one side, or losing your grip on a weight, or losing your balance, you take action to correct that.

Same as with your eating habits

If you notice that pizza seem to make you overeat, or make you feel sick, then you make a decision about whether to keep that pizza around.

Over time, you build a database from your feedback

It’s all just information.

And there’s no such thing as failure

If you stumbled on that rocky path, you got feedback about an untrustworthy rock.
You didn’t fail walking.

If you fell down in the gym, you got feedback about leaning too far to the left.
You didn’t fail exercise.

If you ate suicide chili hot wings and spent the evening trying unsuccessfully to digest a fireball, you got feedback about what foods work for you, or don’t.
You didn’t fail eating.

No matter what happens, you don’t fail.

In those moments, you just made a choice that didn’t work — but that gave you important information anyway.

Change your perspective

Today, be curious about feedback.

Look at the choices you make, and notice what happens when you make them.

What does that feedback tell you about what you could do next, or change?

Or keep the same? Or do less/more of?

Get rid of the words “good” or “bad” and substitute “interesting” or “useful”, as in: “Well, that’s interesting” or “That’s useful to know”.

What could you discover today.....tomorrow?

Remember it's Feedback.....


Is this not a great success for me? I just did 50 weeks of consistent weigh in and analysis of healthy habits. I am really a success story even when it's not showing as I desired on the scale but I feel great and fulfilled. I could not post last week because it was really crazy a week, I was busy beyond help but I think I have settled some stuff now and my blog can get my attention again.

Last week's weigh in was 168.7lbs (I think it was TOM) and this today was a loss at 167.4lbs (-1.3lbs), yaasss, I did it. I just found a new love and I will let into it in the next post. Watch out.

(The above title/article is BLC 33 Weekly Challenge for week 7)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Meal Planning

I have been busy trying my hands on some new workouts, eating plans and shuffling my time and life to keep body and soul alive and healthy. 

One of the things I have been working on is Meal Planning. In the present economic condition we are in this country, everything evolves around planning including how and what we eat to avoid wastage, unhealthy habits and unnecessary stress. 

Meal Planning is simply planning your meals ahead of eating them. The planning could just be an idea of the food or explicitly to include the quantity and quality of the food. For example, writing down water as my next meal is a planning but writing down 2 glasses of water is another version and a better one. It's better to be detailed enough while planning so that it would meet it's purpose, i.e. meeting a healthier lifestyle. 

In other words ambiguity should be totally avoided when planning meals. If you plan to eat rice for dinner today, what style will it be? Jollof rice, plain rice, fried rice, rice & beans, rice w/veggies etc

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Week 48 weigh-in: Goals Re-evaluation

This is February and its so surprising how time flies these days. I wonder if our activities was more than what it used to be.

Somehow within the month of January,  I realized that many resolutions and good intentions are already waning. The need for this post is for a re-awakening and a call to refocus so that we would be celebrating and not bemoaning our achievements at the end of 2017.

Losing focus is never intentional and we must understand that fact, I mean no one desires to do a thing that she  is so passionate about only to get lost in the middle of it, there are some factors that could be responsible and we will just highlight them. Mark my words "could be". 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Week 47 Weigh-in: S.M.A.R.T Goal Diggers

I have been AWOL and I have been busy too. Too busy to even get anything done about the blog or exercise. Since it's the beginning of the month, I wish we will emphasize goal setting again and how to do it right. I am sharing a coach's article on SMART goals and I hope you gain a thing that will help you through February. Happy reading

As the year comes to it’s end and we are welcoming by new beginnings and are allowed the time to reset, we begin to think about how we would like to improve our bodies, minds and overall beings. 
Since I am a personal training, and a virtual trainer, I will focus on the physical goals. We have an acronym for goal setting and it’s – you guessed it – S.M.A.R.T. That stands for: 

S – Specific 
M – Measureable 
A – Attainable 
R – Realistic 
T – Timely 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Your Inner Team - 2

In the Pixar movie Inside Out, the premise is that each person's brain has several characters inside, who act out individual emotions. 

The movie captures the “inner drama” of the average person. 

After all, sometimes it feels like we have different “characters” in our head. 

In fact, sometimes it feels like being ourselves is a team effort. 

Who’s on your inner team? 

For instance, your helpful “inner team” members might include: 

The #1 Fan: “Hey, you did a great job there! High fives, superstar! YEAH YOU!!!!” 

The Planner: “Don’t forget to make your lunch. And you have a 3 p.m. meeting, so pack an apple.” 

The Always-There-For-You Friend: “Sure, this is tough, but no worries — we can do this. I’ve got your back.” 

The Adventurer: “Ooh! A new exercise! That sounds fun!” 

Your not-so-helpful team members might include: 

The Doomsayer: “You are never going to succeed. It’s pointless.”

The Negotiator (aka The Wheedler): “You just had a cookie. You might as well have another one. How bad could it be?”

The Whiner: “This is haaaaaard.”

The Critic: “ You can’t do anything right.” 

Usually, your unhelpful team members aren’t bad per se. They often mean well, and are just trying to help. 

Your inner team can work for or against you. 

Make your team work for you 

We’re not suggesting you spend all day having weird conversations with the imaginary people in your head. 

But we are suggesting that not all thoughts and ideas are equally valid or helpful. 

By imagining our “inner team”, and keeping the team members that serve us best, we can make sure we stay on track and motivated, and don’t get distracted by unhelpful characters. 

Culled from Sparkpeople BLC Round 33 Week 3 Theme

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Week 46 Weigh-in: Your Inner Team - 1

An English saying goes "birds of the same feather, flock", this means that like minds attract. It is very unlikely that people one makes friends with are opposites of who we are. We naturally align with people that we love things about them, it doesn't have to be all the qualities anyway.

On our journey to fitness and a healthier lifestyle, we need help greatly. Help in form of people, ideas, information etc that will draw us closer to our destination than where we started.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Week 45 Weigh-in: Setting Goals

We had spoken extensively on setting goals and what to do with them since the beginning of the year. I am not going to over-flog the topic.

I will only use this short post to instruct you to go back to your journal or notebook where you scribble those plans and check how you have fared in the last 19 days of the year.

Search inwards:

- Is your energy/courage/confidence  sapped? Revitalize by reminding yourself why you started this. 

- Are you getting bored already? Tweak your goals/resolutions 

- You have not started yet? Just jump into the wagon, it never waits.

- Life got in your way? Take a deep breath and keep moving.

- Are you making what you call, "little progresses"? Keep on 'keepin on.

- Are your progresses large? Celebrate it and reward yourself for doing it.

We are here to make tremendous success this year 2017 in our weight-loss journey and nothing will stop us. 

Proudly African
I considered my journey after my weigh in on Wednesday and I truly asked myself what was wrong. I am not going to whine no more, I am doing what I have got to do even in the face of so much inconveniences and not-too-happy situations around me and of course the heat, [97 degrees Fahrenheit] is no joke in the face of exercising. But man shall not live by the conducive weather alone, we keep moving.

I am on the 15th of my exercise video collection and that's a great success to be celebrated by me for me. Measure your success in the past one week, what have you done towards shedding that extra pound on your arm, thunder thighs and that beautiful waist hiding under layers of fat. Put your mind to it, go back to the drawing board, look for better ways to achieve your plans and let us celebrate together by January ending.

I weighed in at 168.5lbs, an 0.5 loss of weight but I know my body is speaking better with my clothes and how I am able to push through high intensity trainings. 

You can measure your success by every other thing except the scale.

Energy level

How your clothes fit.

How fast you run or walk without puffing and huffing.

So many more to make you happy.

Keep on 'keepin on...

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

You are not allowed to...

Is it OK to workout when sick?

I have not worked out in almost 5 days because I was sick and not disposed enough to exercise.

We need to be alert to conditions when our body needs rest and no matter how ardent you are, please kindly call in sick and let the body rest and heal. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Good day good readers.

Is it not awesome that I am still in this weigh in and healthy lifestyle blogging? I am so proud of myself this morning and my Wednesday weigh in and blogging about it had not faltered for a moment. 

Consistency is a key to success, keep moving even when sometimes you take some wrong turns [of course its because you are conscious is the reason you even know you have taken a wrong turn], keep moving by turning back into the right direction. Do not stand there kicking or blaming yourself for the wrong turn and not doing anything about it.

Today we want to understand more about success and how you need to get yourself ready for it. Last post dwelt on what our plans, goals and resolutions are in 2017 [I believe you have written them down], now we are to be optimistic and enter into the level of imagination on what our successes will be like this year.

What successes are you looking forward to?

1. From 1lbs - 500lbs loss
2. A toned/ripped body
3. A healthier lifestyle, like:
4. To run your first [or many] 5k(s) this year
5. 20 pushups non stop
6. Wall sits for 3 minutes [I wish]
7. Paleo Lifestyle
8. You know what you want and mind you nothing is called little success

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year Creative Intentions

Good morning good people.

As promised in the last post, I decided to bring my readers into my plans (fitness wise) for 2017. I did stop calling it new year resolution since last year because it has been researched and known that resolutions don't last, on another note now I think the way we do our resolutions is what makes it pre-termed most times.

I mean what do you say of plans that are made hurriedly in the wake of a new year for some selfish reasons; or I decided to jump into a plan because I am trying to take a revenge; or I am even angry at myself and that's what informed my decisions, such plans must be truncated immediately I get even with any of the above negativity.

I will like to reiterate today that a plan,  resolution or creative intention (whatever you decide) that would work and successful must be SMART (click to know what that's about).

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Week 42 - 43 Weigh-ins: The New Year

Happy new year to my friends and readers.  I had enjoyed every bit of the festive season with family, rest and of course lots of food.

I ate to satisfaction with "healthy" in mind. I had some excesses too like heavy creams, sodas (unlimited)and second helpings too. But I was conscious of the cooking methods like substituting frying for grilling; minimizing oils to the barest;  I also tried new recipes, in all of this I did not stop intermittent fasting,  I was sure to be doing the needful on a daily basis, so the scale was not crazy at the end of the year at 167.4lbs but weigh in this morning was 170lbs [a number I have not behold in a long while], I am starting on a fresh plate and determined to be healthier this year and probably get to my first goal weight of 155lbs by June this year. I have great plans and focus, believing God and my efforts to reach all my goals this year.

I am posting from my mobile because of some internet issues right now on the computer. This is likely to give me some restrictions but I will try my best. 

I am happy to also inform you that I started working out fully last night and I wish there would be no turning back till June when I get to the first bus stop. I have lots to share [including the recipe] and I will do that in the subsequent weeks. 

One of my highlights this year is trying the Paleo Diet and I am introducing some daily recipes so probably I can do that for 14 days or more.

I am going to be a "lab rat" this year experimenting and establishing facts about my body with regards to healthy living.  Always know that your body is stronger than you think.

My next post will be on my 2017 healthy lifestyle intentions.

Keep on, keepin on...