Thursday, March 9, 2017

Week 52 Weigh in

Today, I want to let you into one of my favorite recipes, so simple yet so exciting to the taste buds. My sister called it "yam pepper soup" to me it's my go to meal to heal and to celebrate.

- 3 habanero or scotch bonnet pepper

- Spices of choice at least 4 to your taste (I love my soup chilli and spicy)

- Protein 2 cups or as desired  (in small pieces includes and not limited to beef, chicken, oxtail - ponmon, tofu, fish - dried, iced or fresh. I have never used any plant protein except tofu)

- 1 cup diced yams

- 1 medium ball of onion 

- Scent leaves, 4 tbs shredded 

- Seasonings and salt to taste 

- 3 cups water

You could alter the measurements to suit your taste.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Week 51 Weigh-in: Don't Give up

This post is actually short and subtly pleading with myself not to give up.

I think I am attending to too many things at the same time and somehow it's taking a toll on my emotions. This week happen to be our wedding anniversary and I was elated by the way we were celebrated and for me to close the day immersing in the joy of the past years was a no-no because there was just too much to take care of
 around me [I don't want to complain because it's a duty].

I am sorry but this post is actually a ranting post.