About Me

I am Temitope (Temmy), a Nigerian Christian, reside in Nigeria. I am married and happy. I am an administrator and I love Jesus Christ, my husband and my job. I am passionate about writing.

I started this blog to write about my daily efforts towards getting fit on all sides of life. As much as my blog is primarily about my journey towards a slimmer me, I am determined to be fit on every area of my life too. 

Everything about health, fitness and weight loss will be mentioned at one time or the other on this blog.

With my little years on this journey to weight loss, I realized that you learn to be better on other parts of your life too. 

Read my blog with an open heart and be sure to leave a comment so I know what you feel about what I do, (it matters a lot to me)

 ...journeying to my goal weight.

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